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Why not a sale/trade hub?

I would not mind trading stuff with other enthusiasts via a hub for that... Not sure about the legal ramifications for Massdrop, but a person-to-person trade post/bulletin board would be awesome!
Any thoughts?
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Sounds like a super idea.
If we had a proper PM capability, tied with a FS/Trade section, that would cover all of this, as folks could trade,(via Paypal), without it becoming a big site management debacle. I saw a hint that a PM section is in the works on another thread. If they offered that up alongside a FS/Trade section, it would be da bom. A disclaimer stating that personal sale/trade is entirely at the risk of the buyers, without personal sales being sponsored by, or the responsibility of Massdrop should cover legal ramifications. Taking a page from how Headfi operates this would be beneficial, serve Massdrop well, I should think.
Big Up Thumb to the idea, hope this pans out.
I like the idea of person to person trade, I agree with Bobraz on possible legal ramification for Massdrop..
I'm not sure I'm a fan of turning massdrop into craigslist. There would need to be much more work done on the concept before Massdrop should even consider this.
I like this website, and I'm ok with change. This is just a half-baked idea.
well. it would probably not be so very Craigslisty.
Go look at Headfi and how they have a very very strict policy about selling in the FS/Trade section. You don't get to list just everywhere on that board. You can MENTION that you have an item you wish to part with, but the actual listing is very segregated from the conversation threads.
I don't want Craigslist here either. I think there is a right way to do this.
Genius! I'm all the way in.. Brilliant!
I'm in!
So can we do this or what?
It would be much more fun to buy.,sell and trade with people who appreciate the stuff we love.
E.x.a.c.t.l.y why I proposed this hub! I'm sure the kinks about scammers can be worked out!
I agree with sale AND trade. Especially when looking at cross-pollination, there is just too much dichotomy and mis-matches in value to be limited to trades. I may have a $300 set of headphones, but I don't want to trade it for a $300 keyboard. I want a $100 keyboard and $200 in cash. Or I want $300. Or I REALLY want that rotring pen set, but I don't have anything that nicely converts to $80. MONEY IS FUNGIBLE. Let's use it. (And re-integrate bitcoin support, please!)
100% in favor. And not just "trading," either, unless one can "trade" FRNs for items.
MD can create a niche BST site for our community, like etsy.
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Some people regard the earth as being flat, that doesn't make them any less wrong.
Grow up. We're not discussing scientific facts, but cultural perceptions. Language evolves, and just because people equate trading with strictly barter doesn't make them "wrong."
I feel strongly that a trading system would benefit the community and enrich the Massdrop platform.
Note, I specifically say "Trading System" not a B/S/T system.
A big part of product centric enthusiast communities is properly valuing objects. How many times have you been to a drop for a different community and thought "My god, why would anyone ever spend $X on THAT?", happens all the time, but it's only because people outside that community, people who haven't gone down that rabbit hole yet, don't understand the market in that community.
Ever since the beginning of Massdrop we've wanted to bring communities together and drive cross pollination. Sure it's in our best interest financially if we can get a quilter interested in audiophile gear, but more importantly, it expands the community, it makes the community richer.
It costs significant money to acquire grail level products in any community, but once you're at the grail level in one community, you tend to become particularly entrenched. This is logical, you've invested hundreds of hours learning about Mechanical Keyboards, you've sunk a couple grand into the products you have, so the idea of starting over in a new category is hard. It's like moving to another country, except you can't bring any of your money or stuff.
If we could create a system where high quality enthusiast products were evaluated as assets, it would enable trading and a greater degree of cross community interaction.
As an example, let's say I've got 4-5 headphones worth between $300 and $1000 on the secondary market, but I don't have any nice mechanical keyboards. I've been browsing mech keys on Massdrop, they look really cool, but I don't want to have to carve out another $200 for the keyboard plus $100 for keycaps from my already stretched budget.
It'd be pretty cool if I could put one of my headphones up for trade, I could specify I'm interested in mech keys worth a similar amount, and Massdrop spits out the 5 dudes looking to trade their $300 keyboards for $300 headphones.
Obviously lots of logistics to figure out, but I think it'd be pretty sweet if Massdrop enabled this kind of activity. What do you think?
Discussed parts of this previously here: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/76/are-enthusiast-products-expenses-or-assets
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I like that idea I'm a musician and as technology advances so does my equipment. And trading it is slot better then collecting it in a closet, between my guitar rig to my studio equipment. It builds up. And if someone else can use it. Well.
I assume MD would take a cut of all transactions. Maybe they'd need a rule that only MD drop goods could be sold, and they'd have to be sold at less than the original sale price (assuming MD wouldn't want anyone making more money than them for a given product).
If it is burdened with too many rules, it will fail. Any item that is "Massdroppy" should be allowed, even if never offered before.
Of course we as customers would want more freedom. But I think MD would want to keep it small--I imagine they don't have the employee numbers to adjudicate thousands of arguments over whether A owes B a refund because the product wasn't what they expected.
I did that for mks, strictly telling people MD isn't involved or responsible at all.
The discussion system at MD is still a "mess", not userfriendly, well sorted whatever, but i get the point that something like a "real" forum was never meant to happen.
For mk stuff there are well known and much more frequented places in excistence, i can sell/trade my stuff in seconds (yes, unbelieveable, but true for SA keycaps as example) at reddit.
Don't know if this is needed or wanted on a larger scale for MD as a business, they want and need to sell new stuff to make a living.
Torn i am :)
Yeah I think it would be in MD's best interest to avoid this. People getting scammed would be blaming MD etc. For that kind of stuff its probably best to somehow link threads to other specific forums for that kind of business.
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Stupid people shouldn't be the reason we can't have nice things. Some people think Massdrop already "scams" them, too.
A BST forum like proposed would be a big money maker.
Trust systems don't work. I can make a long list of people in the community that had run countless buys or trades, and then just went MIA and pulled an IVAN.
I was going to bring this up at some point myself. I'd rather sell/swap the stuff I don't want/need anymore to Massdrop members than sell them on that online auction site.
Exactly what you said! Trading between enthusiasts would be much more fun!
I ended ordering a $100 item from Massdrop in the incorrect size. *That* other auction site took a flat 18% of my sales price in fees. Boooo