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A New Place to Explore

After receiving a lot of requests for a “general” community, we’re excited to present Massdrop Hub. With Hub, we wanted to give community members a place to have those general discussions, as well as a venue for events and dialogue aimed at growing the Massdrop community.
One of our goals for Hub is to collect feedback from members on all things Massdrop. Over the years, we’ve taken community input on site features whenever they release, and we want to make this more accessible to everyone. Coinciding with the launch of Hub, our founder and CEO, Steve, has made the first "Site Features" discussion thread offering an in-depth look at the newest feature in the works. Read about it here: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/1097/site-features-discussion-feedback
Another key objective for Hub is to give everyone an opportunity to discuss communities they’re passionate about that don’t yet have a presence on Massdrop. We’ll launch new communities in Hub based on your input, and if we find there’s enough interest out there, we’ll split these drops off into their own standalone community, separate from Hub. Learn more about this process: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/1094/how-massdrop-decides-on-new-communities
All of us at Massdrop are really excited about Hub, and we hope you are too! We’re looking forward to having more great conversations with the community.

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How Massdrop Decides on New Communities: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/1094/how-massdrop-decides-on-new-communities
New Communities Ideas & Poll Thread: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/1095/new-communities-ideas-poll-thread
Site Features Discussion: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/1097/site-features-discussion-feedback
Help Desk for New Users: https://helpdesk.massdrop.com/hc/en-us
mrparanaque, BryanAlv, and 27 others

Shipping costs need to be put back on the front item page. I shouldn't have to research to find how much something is going to cost me. Honestly, it puts me off buying a lot of things that I might otherwise seriously consider. Not having the shipping costs (or at least estimates) on the item page seems disingenuous, as if MD is trying to hide the costs, in the hopes that people just click "Commit" without checking: "Just click BUY and you can see the shipping costs!" Yeah, no. Let's get things more up-front, MD.
I find "Coming Soon" posts every so often when I'm scrounging around but I think there should be a dedicated tab for upcoming products so everyone can see it
I'm trying to look if there are post regarding ergonomic chairs, all the search function provides are current and past drops. Is there a search feature in the hub section?
Why doesn't massdrop ship to Mexico? I understand if I have to pay more shipping, but it seems kinda ridiculous that massdrop can ship to Canada Colombia and Macao but not Mexico. I'd really like to join in on the Pok3r massdrop, but I can't because I live in Mexico.
I need someone to check my tickets. Its been months on one issue and weeks on another.
I'm not the only one with complaints about the removal of shipping cost from the item page. What's the point of doing that? I'm not from the US, so there are items that either do not ship to where I am or incur ridiculous shipping fees, which will fully negate any cost savings buying from massdrop. Shipping fees make or break it for me. To simply remove it and say I have to click buy just to view it is rather stupid. I have always viewed massdrop as being rather global in its sales and methodology, hope massdrop doesn't further enforce stereotypes that Americans have absolutely no world view.
As a Canadian, the shipping rates often determine whether a drop is worth it or not. Removing this is simply forcing people to take extra steps to consider their purchase.
Drops used to show the shipping cost to Canada. Now no shipping cost is visible. Have I changed one of my settings? The shipping cost is always a consideration when making a purchase and comparing local sale prices (with no shipping). What do I need to do to make the shipping cost visible again? Or, is shipping now included in the cost of the item?
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Let's call a spade a spade and say it like it is. You removed the shipping cost because you were tired of people saying it was cheaper or same price on amazon(or wherever) when you incorporate the cost of massdrop shipping. And as we all know people will almost always choose the merchant with the faster shipping(most definitely not going to be MD) when price is the the same.
Faster shipping is one thing but an important component of a purchase. However, when the shipping cost represents 30, 35, 40% or more of the retail price, one has to ask the qusetion, is this really worth it? Massdrop needs to expore these issues immediately in order to remain competitive in the marketplace!
Hi, is there a way to realize our own product ideas with you with our own funds as the primary seed capital?
A big thanks is in order! I've discovered so many items that would otherwise have taken so much more searching effort on MY part.
PLEASE! Have all daily "here's what's new" emails start with the same subject text every day! That way we can sort or filter easily. By using a different subject line every day it makes it MOST DIFFICULT to even figure out that the email is announcing that day's new drops, let alone to filter emails.
I've asked for this repeatedly.... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@mahosec No clue what your response means since that URL is an unknown machine. Huh?
You say that you've added Cooking as a community, but I don't see it listed under the "Communities" dropdown list. Also, the listing "Hobbies" seems limited to gaming, but the word "hobbies" is a lot broader. Would be nice if Hobbies, the community, could have subcommunities so that other hobbyists into things like, say, woodworking or bookbinding could have a dedicated community.
The idea is to launch a new community in Massdrop Hub which acts like an incubator to see how it would perform before the full roll out. Here is a link with how this process will take place: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/1094/how-massdrop-decides-on-new-communities. You can see the 'Cooking' drops her for now: https://www.massdrop.com/hub/drops.
Regarding the subcommunities, we hear you and we are discussing how we would like to structure it in the future.
Edit: You'll have a chance to subscribe to 'Cooking', once it is out of Massdrop Hub as a stand alone community :)
since i discovered massdrop a few years back, I've pretty much updated my whole backpacking kit, and as I stare at my over flowing gear closet I can't help but think how cool a "gear swap" community would be. It would give those new to outdoor recreation a way to try out slightly used gear at a cheaper price and help slim down my pile of older gear, what do you all think?
Could massdrop crop items that do not ship to your country? (filter for ships to: )
Yes. Maybe adding a picture of your flag that you desire to ship too with a (red?) cross/x that pops up or fade when hovered at a selected drop that has no international shipping yet. Or the flag with the cross should just always show.
Will massdrop add more estimated ship updates for other countries? Or change estimated dates when the selected country changes.
why does some drop dont offer shipping to singapore? not that i saying those drop such as speaker (which is too buky and cost a fortune of shipping cost) but drop such as lamy fountain pen? And the shipping to singapore really quite high to bear with...
Drops don't ship internationally for many reasons; including a vendor's distribution policy, past issues with shipping to a specific country, ramifications of shipping specific items like knives, etc.
In the case of LAMY, the reason why drops are not being shipped internationally is the vendor's distribution policy. The Commerce team is actively talking to LAMY to see if there is any possibility to ship internationally and they'll let everyone know if and when it is possible. For now though, we have to stick with US only LAMY drops.
Meanwhile, our Logistics team is always looking into shipping partners and methods that allow the greatest shipping coverage for our members. For example, in 2016, after shipping of knives was restricted to only the US for the EDC community, they worked with new couriers and organizations to open shipping to a select group of countries and are currently working on expanding that list.
Cool peas! Massdrop is all that and a great big ol' bag of chips
How about creating a massdrop app for added convenience?
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All products mah mayne
Hmmm so you go to checkout and Singapore doesn't show up as an available shipping country?
Bizarre. Do you know when Singapore disappeared from your shipping country list?
Hey Guys.......... keep talking and I will keep hiking!  Raggs
Don't know if this feature has been presented, but my transaction list is long!!!! And group buys are easy to forget about. How about keeping the estimated ship dates on the transaction log? So that we can see at a glance when something is estimated to be delivered. Email notifications and discussions are good and all, but official Massdrop communications are easily lost in email boxes and really long discussion threads. Keep up the good work and convince keycap producers to expand their production capability!
I would really love RSS feeds for the hub and for the drops. Much better (for me) than email. Thx.
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alternatively, it might be nice to have something like Chrome browser notification support so we can get alerts in the background for new drops, etc. RSS is pretty cool, too.
I think that's a real alternative IFF you use Chrome browser. I usually use Firefox and Vivaldi. Chrome, not so much since discovering Vivaldi.
RSS works for any browser. As you know. ;-)
Sounds great, I love the idea of having a thinner wallet. I heard it can throw off your back alignment, now thanks to this Hub I'll get to start researching more gear my wife can find and yell at me about.
Become a student and i can guarantee you'll have a thinner wallet 😂
Looking to go back and get my Masters... you ain't a kiddin'. 😳
Definitely a great idea
Looks good! Are you using a forum framework?
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Yes, @richardgao, that does answer my question. It's rare to see an online community that rolls its own. Nice work! Thanks.
Thanks! The team here spent a lot of time working on it and I'll be sure to pass along the compliment!
Cool. love the idea.
Great job look forwards to seeing what comes out of this!
This is awesome! I'm hoping this will result in some great new guides/ Q&A sessions that compliment the "essentials" lines that massdrop works with!
Thank you guys! The response warms our hearts.
Thanks for listening
Ive been wanting this for quite awhile thanks now I can write some discussions that just didnt fit in mech boards
That's a pretty great idea, we can now totally discuss all the cool gear you guys put out...
awesome !!! I love seeing this site grow !!