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[On-Going] New Communities Ideas Thread: Update #2 Poll is Now Open!

Update: We've created a poll for everyone to go and vote for new communities. Here's the link: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/New-Communities-Poll-1
For further context please look at the poll discussion post here: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/New-Communities-Poll-1/talk/1582878

Have an idea for a new community you’d like to see on Massdrop? Here’s the place to let us know!
We’ll make a list based on the most popular ideas shared in this thread, and after a week or so, we’ll put them into a poll for everyone to vote on. Your votes will determine which new community we get into next.
We’re excited to hear your thoughts and explore the hobbies our members are interested in.
New Community Poll #1: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/New-Communities-Poll-1

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Duncan, BryanAlv, and 12 others

Hey, I'm backed by over 200 people when I say we need a "Pro Music" Community. Check out my post: https://drop.com/talk/21556/how-many-musicians-out-there
A phone community would be nice about new phones, cases, specs and more!
While we've already got a gaming and a tech community, i think a PC building community would be great. About Grapics cards, processors, RAM, motherboard... all that stuff
I'd greatly enjoy a "golf" community, but I'm surprised there isn't one for women's clothing and accessories, i'd imagine there'd be so interest in that also...
New Community for Power/Hand tools! There is a huge Trade community that would jump on this. Also, everyone needs power tools!
Make a community for women apparel and accessories. You're missing out on a huge demographic by excluding that option.
I’m personally a fisherman fresh water. Huge community and we love custom items we can’t find at a local bait shop or dicks sporting goods store. I’m loving the travel rods like the tenkar, it’s small enough to fly to Colorado with or just throw In my car for a nice day after work so I don’t have to stop at home to pick up equipmen.
maybe some custom baits or braid line for cheaper then retail id be in for that. Or discounts on some St. Croix rods/ $100+ Reels.
Do it!
Make a hunting and fishing one you can get alot of money your taping into 2 large communities
Vaping, Dabs, E-cig community is needed badly
Added a poll option for Musicians, give it a vote if you'd like to see a Musical equipment community or at the least, more musical equipment posts!
Hey I made a post that encourages the 500+ people that have shown their support for an MI community, to vote on your poll option. :) Let's make this happen. https://drop.com/talk/21556/how-many-musicians-out-there

https://drop.com/talk/24007/alright-its-time-to-create-the-musical-instruments-community-guitar-%F0%9F%A5%81-violin-saxophone Share these, so that it gets out there! Thanks
Good on you mate, that thread looks awesome!
check out this thing called a dapostar
How about a Motorcycling community? Gear and accessories for all types of bikes!
tru words
Definitely add a skate community
Yes to "Aquatics" because it could include kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. I'd also like to see scuba/freediviing either as its own community or in a related category.
I'd like to see an ETHICAL LIVING community. Any type of product- beauty, clothing, paper goods, cooking tools, yarn, but they must be made from ethically sourced materials and made by properly paid labour.
I would definitely be into this!
I think a sports equipment community would work great for us weekend warriors. Hockey sticks, baseball bats, bowling balls etc.
I don't know how this could happen, but an OFF ROADING group would be cool. Personally, I'm into ATVing. But an off roading group could cover ATV, UTV, JEEP, SUV, MOTORCYCLE, & anything mechanical purpose built for taking a person or persons off Highway. JEEPS alone would be a huge group, I think, due to their popularity currently. And with more states making ATVs & UTVs semi street legal & more & more public OHV parks opening, it could be cool.
OK, how about some ideas...First...An LED off road light kit for any 12 volt system. Can be used on ATV, jeeps, & any truck. Second...Off Road Luggage....For an ATV, this usually means soft or hard trunks that fit on the racks. For a jeep or truck, there are different options like locking drawer systems, or soft or hard trunks that have a frame system that bolts to the bed or floor & allows the trunks or bags to be locked in place, but easily removed when not needed. Please...any other ideas????
How bout a Shooting Community . All kinds . Everyone would be surprised how many people like Guns of all kinds and like to outfit them with all kinds of extras and accessories .
Magazines , Handgun and Rifle grips , Sights , Scopes , Red Dots , Lasers , Holsters , and so much more . Range Bags , Hard Cases , Gloves , Glasses , and other protection for the shooter and his gear . What say yall ????? I'm in .
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The "hobby" doesnt kill people. You don't say that about other slippery slopes like knives, pools, etc.,; Do you?
This depends on state/location and applicable laws. In my state/TX, not as much. But CA/MD, different.
Simple, revert the email to the old fashioned way where clicking the image brings you to the product page. Right now it brings you to a whole list of drops and I have to click it again to see the product. Or add a setting to toggle this.
Home studio, and or musicians community. Check out Recording Revolution on You-tube. Now check the number of followers and subscriptions. Thanks, and I wish you continued success. So much success that you will be able to negotiate better deals for the comminity. I really appreciate the forums as they are informative and fun. The idea of "Power to the people" and the combination of retail with a forum is genus, however, I'd love to see a little more power in negotiating better deals. I wish you continued success in all your improvements. Sincerely, Sidney Michelle
A gym community with shoes, lifting belts and other gear, and clothes
before we end up with a zillion communities, maybe we can have a couple that rotate out and that gives Massdrop something new to work on, Holiday/Sessional Community.
So Spring break, or Forth of July, what ever holiday is coming up, they throw some strange mostly related products in there for us to gawk over.
Independent designers, up and coming products created/designed/produced by upstarts.
I had a similar idea. I voted for the "Aquatics" group, But you could rotate out watersports with wintersports. Maybe break it down more. I like the idea of a "HOLIDAY" group too. You would have to run it a month ahead though. X-MAS in November, New Years in December, Valentines in January, Easter in Feb......etc.
Paintball community.
Wood working /power and hand tools would be great
Whatever community might get me a discounted beer tap
fishing community
I would really like to see more varied yarn.  I was so excited when this started, but so far all the drop items are things you can find at Walmart.  There are so many lovely yarns available out there.
A student community, with books, bags, handy tech, etc.