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Universal IEMS

What IEMS do you use? What IEMS do you recommend? What IEMS do you wish?
If you have time, please post your IEMS like this:
[Name of IEM], [Brand], [Price], [Sound Signature (e.g Flat, V)]

Shure SE846 - $1000 (got mine for $700 new) - SQ depends on filter but varies from warm, musical to "balanced" Shure SE535 - $450 (got mine for $300 new) - Natural, flat, and smooth with a touch of warmth Shure SE215 - $100 - V shaped and punchy Noble X Wizard - $300 - Warm, dark, dynamic, and very punchy Massdrop Plus - $300 - Neutral with slight sub/mid bass bump Pinnacle PX - $115 - Neutral and polite Nuforce EDC - $60 - Very warm, V shaped, and punchy Nuforce EDC3 - $100 - Very Neutral and polite. A smooth operator with a hint of warmth
This doesn't include all the stuff I've returned or sold but my current stable. Out of everything, the Shure 846 is hands down my favorite with black filters. It's just so smooth, detailed fast, musical and punchy that there isn't a genre on it I dislike beyond classical. If I were to sell anything else, I would always keep the 846. The Noble's would be my 2nd favorite followed by the MD+ for 3rd. The 535 is a great runner-up but is music dependent and against my top 3 it can sound a bit boring by comparison. All the others are good just eclipsed by my other sets and genre specific as well.
May 6, 2018
MEE balanced cables you say? I used to have one for 846 as well. Pretty neat cables. Since nowadays I mostly pair these with Micro iDSD BL I reterminated a 1/8 inch cable to a 1/4 jack so I don't have to use any adapters. One thing I like about 846 is that they're not source sensitive at all, you took the words right out of my mouth =D There is a noticeable improvement going from an iPhone to iDSD, these things scale pretty well. For kek and giggles I even plugged these into a friend's Ragnarock for once and boy that amp makes 846 sounds like its worth another grand. Still, with an iPhone you can get about 90% worth of its capability, not many BAs do that.
Also, hearing your statement about MD+ really puts my mind at ease. The impedance match thing reminds me of IM04. I don't even know its possible before I bought these but man, these things are hiss-sensitive and inefficient at the same time. On a low-powered source they sound very anemic while on a high-powered one hiss can drown out everything. You really have to take a close look at the output impedance before plugging these in. What's worse, these things only shine with desktop amps cuz no portable amps have enough juice for them. For this alone I reterminated the plug to a 1/4 one as well. If MD+ has the same issue I think I'm gonna pass, especially your statement about its bass. The only reason I'm looking forward to it is its bass, if bass on it is bloated and doesn't extend as deep as 846 then that's another pass for me.
In the end, I do feel like you pay extra for 846 just for its convenience and ease of pairing. These really aren't picky at all and the bass for BA is just phenomenal. Just asking, what tips do you use with the 846? I used to like Comply tips for comfort but they muffle the sound too much, nowadays I switched to westone star tips the sound is a lot less muffled and congested, but I do miss Comply for its BIG, THICC bass. If somehow there's a tip out there that finds a balance between these two it'd be great.
hohsisThis is the cable and adapter set I use:
It covers pretty much every device you would need. I also have a 2.5mm TRRS to XLR for balanced desktop units.
For tips, I use the Shure triple flanges and yellow foam as they fit my odd shaped ear canals better. I haven't been a big fan of Comply or the Shure olives as they're either too small or too big. The yellow foamies are just about perfect for me. I also use Westone star tips in orange silicone. I haven't tried their foam but that's on my purchase list. I also like the large Nuforce silicone tips for something more shallow. Their silicone is softer and has a nice flex that confirms nicely.
Feb 25, 2018
Star ii, shozy, 2500rmb(about 400 usd), i use it with shozy's own Poseidon cable. According to the manufacturer they created this headphone with a simular sound signiture to the etymotic et4 but with an enhanced in bass
There are a lot of headphones that i want to buy (but cant afford), right now the aya from fitear is on the top of my list. As well as the adromeda from capfire audio
Sep 9, 2017
Alclair CIEM RSM $650 flat 64 Audio U4 S $510 V Sennheiser ie80 $249 not worth mentioning ordering 64 Audio U6 $670 similar to Alclair I use Plussound cables for all monitors. Run through Oppo 2 se
Aug 18, 2017
Turbo Ear T7A 6BA+1DD. cost $340 USD.
Oct 27, 2018
I've seen your comment a while ago, when you first mentioned this in a M1060 thread. It seems that these are hand-made and you're the only one who has these. What exactly made you go for these, I am curious. Certainly a bargain, when considering the setup.
Oct 27, 2018
Pr0l1f1kWell I've seen someone mentioned these on Head-fi 2 years ago but no one actually reviewed it. Found the maker 谭音匠 on Baidu tieba, couple reviews there but in Chinese, bought it and enjoyed it since.
Aug 11, 2017
I use 64 audio A12's.$2999 sound perfect. I recommend these beyond anything, but I use them for reference grade studio work, not amateur level listening so depends on usecase. I'll be getting a set of 64 audio Tia in ears around December, so will let you know if 4 drivers can beat 12, but I doubt it
Jun 4, 2017
I use a noble k10u, v1. Prior to that, I had JH Angie.
Recently wentvto canjam in LA, there are some serious contenders at the top spot now. Personally, 1964 audio out of Portland was the most surprising listening experience for me.
Noble's Katana and their revised K10 were both great, in my personal experience a tad too bright for me.
I generally like darker sound. Earlier in my IEM quest I was in love with earsonics SM3's v1. Weston's UX3. Etc.
besides that, I have owned and sold a ton of customs. Hope that helps. In my humble opinion, you'll eventually end up buying the top tier monitors. Just go for it.
May 7, 2017
I recently bought directly from CampfireAudio a pair of Jupiters for 799$. I use them with my JDS Labs "The Element". They're perfect. I'm done.
May 7, 2017
Shure SE846. Bought it for 1.000$ from an authorized dealer. If it gets stolen, I will buy another one w/o a second thought! Best bass & midrange & treble I can get from an IEM with a superb isolation from/to outside. Some people complain about the slight roll off at higher frequencies, but man believe me you do not want linear treble response from a sound source which you stick to right in your ear canals. It has superb frequency response which is soooo sooo soooo smooth, no single nor a range of frequencies pop out at any listening levels. Only con I can say is that it is very sensitive to the ouput impedance of your sources, Because they are rated as low as 9ohms. So you will want your source be max 1ohm, which only some good quality amps have that rating.
May 7, 2017
I'm using U4-SE by 64 Audio. There was a drop here around early March or so. Sound is great. Loads of subbass, slightly less mid-bass, forward vocals and clean, extended treble. It's a very unique sound sig that differs from the standard U4.
Other than that, i own an ATH-IM02. Standard ATH house sound, with a clean treble and more emphasis on midbass, sweet vocals and extension up to the 10k and above region. It's there but not pronounced. I can sorta say it's like a HD600 in terms of feel to it (Of course the HD600 wins in every aspect, but it's sorta emulated it quite well)
Personally I can recommend both if you're looking for some neutral or mid-forward sound sig. If you're a basshead then it's a different story.
Lastly, my dream IEM would be the Andromedas right now, and 64 Audio A18 as well if for custom-fit IEMs
Sep 8, 2016
I use Shure SE315's; they're robust for the price point, and the armature driver in the 315's is pretty great! I'm looking into UE IEMs for the purpose of live audio monitoring, which would be a sound investment. All-in-all, the SE315's have a pretty solid low end, with mediocre mids and highs. For $200, you can't get much better than Shure, their customer support is also top quality!
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