Calligraphy sub-community
Would it be possible, if enough people agree, to make a calligraphy sub-community of writing?
thumb_upjuststuffed, josef5937, and 3 others

I'm curious why you would want to make a sub community for this, and not just sell items under the Writing community. Splitting up communities that are so similar just seems like it would be a way that would risk people not seeing items they may otherwise be interested in.
Feb 27, 2017
Feb 27, 2017
I find it would be more practical, for it if this were to become a community, it could indeed, as you say, make more difficult for someone who generally interested in wide variety of writing utensils to see drops. But that problem would be simple enough to resolve for said person would just have to subscribe to the newly formed community (also newly formed communities are mentioned in emails and on the hub page). But on the other hand, if you were to take a person who main interest was indeed calligraphy, then the creation of this new community would make it much easier to see drops that concerned that field only. I, per example, don't have a major interest in so to say 'regular' pens, yet from my notifications that is practically all I see, and scarcely little calligraphy related drops. Also, if the community happened, then it undoubtedly would encourage massdrop to feature more calligraphy drops then they currently propose, or so I'd like to think.
Feb 27, 2017