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the cornelian choice!!

hello all, which one to choose between the HE4xx and HH6xx or 580 to listen to jazz/blues/classical and rock 70's with a Sanskrit Pro-B / Sanskrit PHA and Little dot (I already have a Focal Spirit One and an akg 141HD) what's your point of view?

Nov 23, 2018
I got to be honest here; I have not heard either of the headphones you mentioned; however, it is worth noting that the Spirit One is a closed-back headphone, while all the headphones that you are considering are open-back (I dunno about the AKG; couldn't find any info on them on a quick Google search) That being said, this really depends on the type of sound you're after. Do you like a laid-back presentation, with a slight mid-bass emphasis and slightly warm tone? Then I'd recommend the HD 6XX. If you want slightly more treble energy and 'zing' (compared to the HD 6XX), I'd recommend the HD58X Jubilee. Are you looking for something completely different than what you've experienced, as well as having terrific bass extension? Then I'd recommend the HE-4XX. There's honestly no "correct" answer to this except what sounds good to you. Only you can determine what's best in sound when it comes to something as subjective as audio. That being said, I really like my HD 6XX. Personally, it's my go-to when I just want to listen to just about any genre, kick back and relax.
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