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Whens your "THAT" time of the day?

We all have "that" time of the day where we just sit down to enjoy our music. For me its during the morning before going to work or school.
When is your "that" time of the day? what tracks do you play?
Avi.S and steve

On the way to school and in between classes with my earbuds. Obviously on longer travels I carry a nice pair of cans to zone out to.
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Jaybird Freedoms.
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x's for travel.
As a musician, i finished my gig around 10pm - 2am , so i mostly listen after work, 12 am - 4am,usually.
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Mostly Jazz, with abit of 80's pop
nice ! so you play instrument? what kind?
Sometime between arrival home after work and going to bed... typically between 8pm and 10pm.
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Yeah at that time of the day I typically am listening to more sedate options but not always. I am probably more influenced by the time of year than I am the time of day. Some of my end of day favorites at the moment: 1) David Gray 2) Black Mill 3) Celtic Woman 4) Kiiara 5) The Band 6) Nu Modern playlist on Spotify
As spring grows near it will probably be more upbeat, Reggae always creeps in a higher percentage.
I Like to listen in the morning as well. I especially like to listen to Indy Electronic like Odesza, Flume (sort of Indy), Dropout and Panama.
Nice! any specific songs you want to suggest for me to try out?