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looking for something to more easily drive my new He-x4

Hello, I just got my pair of Drop x Hifiman he-x4 headphones today for listening to my vinyl collection. I use an ifi zen air phono preamp plugged into a sony STR DH-590 receiver that drives my vintage speakers and various headphones. These are my first pair of planar magnetics and I knew that they require more power than my HD 58x's or my Grado sr60, but the x4s max out the volume on the amp. I would just get a headphone amp to use with my record player but I like going straight from listening to speakers to listening to headphones since I live with my near retirement-aged parents. I was just wondering what receivers or amps have a better go at driving the X4s than my STR DH-590. I wasn't hoping on spending any more than $300 if recommending a standalone headphone amp or $600 for a receiver. Thank you in advance for the recommendations.


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