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UK Prices

The prices here in the UK when compared to the US is insane. Yet, I understand why this is something which is needed by massdrop to keep sending things over. But I ask any ways, can there be a UK based Massdrop. So that I don't have to pay ridiculous prices to ship it over.
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Would love a UK mass drop, want thx aaa portable but with postage and £72 import tax😲, too expensive. 😢
Hey! We’re testing a new shipping method for all our folks in the European Union. It is a preliminary test to build towards offering a more hopefully permanent solution. Products and quantities are limited! Check out this talk post for more details: www.massdrop.com/talk/22344/massdrop-testing-local-shipping-in-european-union

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If only I was in the EU. I've got some EU buddies that'd be willing to test!
+1 for an UK/EU based Massdrop.
Brexit will not solve this issue as VAT in the UK is there to protect the UK market, its there as a steady source of income for the treasury. You are free to buy your goods anywhere but the Gov will still add 20% onto the value, which essentially makes it no cheaper so we just buy from the UK thus protecting our own market. What takes the piss is the 20% in the first place and if a MD were to spring up in the UK, you can bet your left bollock it will still be more expensive than the US because of or piss taking VAT.
Want a solution, make friends with someone in America and start buying them some "gifts". Shipping is not that expensive on most things nowadays ;)
I do a lot of mountain biking and go through a lot of parts on my bikes. Living in the US, I look for and purchase most of my products from UK based sites. Believe it or not I can purchase and have it shipped here for me for less than most local bike shops can buy at their cost from the same manufacturer. Shimano Europe sells to the UK market for substantially less than Shimano USA sells to our market.
You seem to miss the fact that in the USA they have state tax similar to our VAT tax. What kills for us here in the UK is the GOV scam of charging VAT on the postage price as well ( a product used in the country of origin ie in this case the USA. Also the Post Office scam of charging £8 handling fee, not as noticeable on an item costing a few hundred dollars but on an item costing under a hundred dollars it is a real sting in the tail. This is not about protecting UK industry and jobs in any way shape or form it is about a bunch of scam merchants pretending to represent the people of our country. After all if it was about protecting jobs they would have penalty clauses in when a company takes jobs out of the UK to foreign country's with cheap labour. If they cared about these people they would put a penalty tax on basic call centre jobs taken out of the UK at around £10k per year, they have not, why ?? Probably getting kick backs from these companies in one form or another just like MP expenditures.
This isn't as simple as "hey, give us MD in another country". That's a lot of time, saving, planning, and spending.... Their overseas market may not be quite big enough for another MD HQ to survive financially so far from home, unless it'd profit enough to keep itself alive. MD specializes in selling to niche markets, UK, Canada or AUS locations would be nice, but maybe not feasible at the moment. I've seen Massdrop grow since about day one. I've got a feeling you'd have to give MD a couple more years to R&D.
Let there be a massdrop in every country.
New to this but anything that makes purchases easier for UK buyers gets my vote
We really need an UK/EU Massdrop, prices in UK are ridiculous. There's a place that has no VAT in UK so itcould be considered for lower prices.
I'll definitely second the emotion for a Canadian outlet. 😆👌👊👍😉
I'm going to support this, at least have a warehouse in an EU country like France if it is too much of an issue after Brexit.
Can we create an online shop in Europe for best cheaper products?
I second that. There's a huge market over here. Your prices are unbeatable, but with VAT and import charges it's just not worth the hassle. Massdrop EU FTW ✊
Uk massdrop!!!!
Haha thank you for the request. We've had requests for a Canadian, European, and now UK Massdrop. We appreciate the love and I'll bring it up with the team.
UK Massdrop, ngl sounds amazing!
Can I add an AUS store too?
i would also like a uk or eu based massdrop for the same reason.