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Warehouse Inventory Count

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a quick notice about the inventory count that is going on right now at our warehouse. They have stopped shipping and receiving products for a couple of days while they complete a full count and verification of their inventory. This means that any new orders placed today will not ship until the count is completed, plus any time needed for them to clear the backlog/queue that accumulates before a given order is placed. We expect the count to wrap up in the next couple of days, and for the backlog to be worked through by the end of this week. That would put us back at normal processing/delivery times by the end of this week (2023-08-04), if everything goes as planned. Additionally, this adjusted delivery estimate has already been baked into the estimated delivery dates listed on product pages, so you can reference those for any particular item as well.
We'll continue to update as and if anything changes, and of course you can leave any questions here and we'll do our best to answer. :) Edit: phrasing, clarification

How is the timeline going? Still looking like the end of the week?
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