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Just checking in... it's been a while.

This summer my wife and I saw our 24 year old autistic son transition into an adult residential group home where I'm very happy to say he is thriving. He is making new friends and getting out into the community, things he refused to do while living at home. We are so pleased to be able to see his progress. I have been working on kind of a project this past month. I am converting my son's tiny bedroom into my tiny music room/office and it's been a pretty big undertaking. I've had to rebuild the walls and paint them. I had to buy new curtains and clean a carpet. I put up a ceiling fan and built a table for my headphones. I hauled my six foot desk into the room from the living room and purchased a new desk chair and soon I will finally get my desktop audio system wired up. I have to mount a TV on the wall yet, get some crap out of the room, get it vacuumed. Oh, and I have a partial power outage. LOL My wife and I live in a rental and of course the landlord has been out of town. Still, we're getting close and I'm pretty stoked. I thought maybe I'd show a shot of my new room. There are a few headphones currently not shown as the Mark Levinson 5909 and Meze 109 Pro are on my desk and there are a couple more that I need stands for.


Sep 28, 2023
Thanks for sharing photo of your room. Love the setup. I plan to show my husband who believes I have too many headphone sets
Sep 29, 2023
Vikkids26Many folks have far more than I do, some much more expensive too. Thank-you for your kind words!
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