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Why Does Drop Not Honor Warranty Claims?

I’ve been going back and forth with Massdrop support regarding a lifetime warranty on a knife purchase I made several years ago. They explained that because they have no more inventory and no longer support the edc community that the warranty can’t be honored and a $20 credit would be issued to my account. I requested more compensation given that the knife was over $90; but they elected to close the ticket and not respond to future inquiries. I've offered a multitude of options for resolution including covering the cost of repair at a local knife shop, a refund, or more in store credit but they opted to not comment and stop responding. Maybe I expected too much, but I’m disgusted by their handling of the request and how little they care about their customers. A major reason I purchased the product originally was for the lifetime warranty and it's sickening to now have an expensive paper weight. I won’t be shopping there in the future and can’t suggest anyone else to either.

Totally agree. Drop sold me a defective pair of headphones in June of 2023. It was like pulling teeth to get them to agree for a refund. I returned my headphones in the first week of December, and here we are on the 10th of January, and I have not received a refund. They play games to not honor warranties. How their company is still business I have no idea. They made me a victim of fraud, I think the FTC should shut this company down for good.
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