Apr 2, 2017

3D Printing

Fairly new to massdrop, but really looking forward to the drops that I've joined.
Has there been any talk about the creation of a 3D printing community?
I feel like from various kinds of filament, to subcomponents for customization, to ordering full-scale printers, there'd be a lot of cool stuff MassDrop could do with a 3D printing community.
Andy Cobb, 57ARK, and 1 other

MD used to drop 3d printers a couple of years back. Haven't seen them for a while now.
EDIT: seconds after my post MD added a 3d printer drop. Hmm, that was quite a coincidence lol :)
if they manage to sell filament rolls cheaper than $20/ 1kg roll (shipping included) i will be more than happy to see the community happens...
otherwise.... i will stick with buying my stuff from aliexpress or other cheapo chinese garbage sites.
maybe cheap buildtak sheets too...
but other than filaments and build surface and occasional hotend swaps... there's not much going on once you get the printer set up.
usually you just slices the model and click print and come back a few hours later to collect your print or mess.