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Best bass heavy headphones for around 150 $?

im using the sennheiser hd 598 cs and looking to upgrade.
im listening mostly to edm (elctronic dance music) and metal and play battlefield 4. im looking for headphones with rich bass and mids and lows.
my sennheiser headphones sound really bad when playing bass heavy edm.
i prefer over ear and dont mind closed or open back headphones.
thanks in advance.

Look at the Beyerdynamic dt770. I would recommend the 80 ohm version. I would not suggest the 32 ohm because I believe it doesn't come with velour earpads. You will be very impressed with the sub bass coming from the 598. This head fi post shows the difference between ohm versions. http://www.head-fi.org/a/information-sonic-differences-between-dt770-dt990
EDIT: if you have the money, get a decent amp for it because it tightens up the bass and makes it more clean sounding.
This is a little more than $150..but well worth it, I have one myself ; A Basshead's dream !!, they are a bit heavy but well padded,I also changed the ear pad to thicker ones..I had mine imported from Japan JVC HA-SZ2000
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I do have the little brother to Ha-SZ2000, and I would say that if the SZ1000 needs amp to shine then the SZ2000 will need an amp to shine. With an amp and some EQ'ing these headphones really are great. If you want bass from these headphones, get the cayin C5 amp. They will give BASS.
I agree that using an amp with EQ shaping plus some burn in time will make the 'phones really thump..but at 16 ohms even without an amp it sounds great; the person asking the question said he/she did not have an amp.. so for portability it is fine (kinda heavy though) ; the cord they put on the thing is so short so it is aimed at portability... I use mine with my receiver on a 25' extension for movies..and plug it directly to the desktop when web surfing.