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Help buying best headphone for music, gaming and media?

Any others let me know, which to purchase?

The X00 are amazing for gamin they are so detailed and it is extremely easy to tell where sounds are coming from also I love how they sound
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I don't know about the m50 from what I have heard they are extremely ability cal and may be good for gaming but i would refer you to the review from z reviews on YouTube he hates the m50 and the m50x but he loves the m40. I go by his and and the reviews of a couple others but i have well 5 cans that he has reviewed and agree almost compleetly with everything he says about them he does also have a slightly older video about good gaming cans or check out his Reddit there are several lists of recommendations with all different cans and prices
Wow I hate auto correct the m50 are analitical from what I have heard about them I have not personally listened to them
just to let you know, i already own the M50x's. Ive had them for about 3 years and theyre wearing out. Im just wondering if the bose qc35 are better for the next buy, im fine with the m50x
I second the M50x. theyre just tits
AKG K7xx if you don't mind them being open. And good Amp or Dac/Amp for them. Hifime Sabre 9018 is good choice. For closed - Audiotechnica M40x
They are different kind of headphones. I'd go with the m50x since it is the best value in your list and can do all what you are looking for.