May 22, 2017694 views

Amp and DAC recommendations for AKG K7xx

I'm new to the audiophile community and don't know much when it comes to amp/dacs. I have heard good things about Shiit products and have been looking at the Fulla 2 and the Magni/Modi stack. I have also heard that the 7xx respond great to tubes so i don't really know what direction I should go. Any and all recommendations are appreciated.

With 130dB SNR good luck fining anything else at the same price point as this:
I use a Schiit Modi2 Uber DAC with a Garage 1217 Project Starlight hibrid tube amp. It's a great sounding setup. The Starlight​ has maximum output at 64 ohms... Almost like it was made for the K7XX.
try HifiMe Sabre 9018. I have it and I love it.