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What are your favourite audio setup for when you game?

What do you use? Headphones or speakers. Do you have any dac/amps to compliment with it and would you say your set up is more for laid back and fun gaming where the explosion creates a rumble in your ears and bullets whizzes by you or you are more competitive with very wide and accurate soundstage and being able to hear the most minute detail of every foot steps and water drop in the game?

SHP9500s or M50X with a cheap desktop mic for most games. Games like BFV where sound clues aren't super important I use my hod-podge 2.1 setup and turn the bass up to 11 and shake things off the wall.
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They are a very overpriced over-hyped headphone, don't spend $150 on them. If you can get them for $75 or so, go for it. Something like the Monoprice Modern Retro with some replacement pads cost 1/3 the price, sound just as good, and have 2x the bass (look up ZReviews Monoprice Modern Retro on YouTube). I got the M50X free when a friend upgraded otherwise I'd be pretty upset if I spent MSRP on them honestly.
Yeh I saw Z reviews quite sometime back .The only YouTuber(I think) that does not appreciate that model . Others especially marques brown that big tech YouTube DUDE like prays to this lol
If something supports Atmos, then I game through my Yamaha A3080 with my 7.2.2. setup. Otherwise, I run a toslink from my game consoles to my THX 789 and SMSL SU-8 and either my Focal Elex or TR-X00 Ebony's balanced. Really love both setups and am fortunate to have both setups for when the mood strikes.
Nice setup. I am considering having the same . However I am unsure about the setups size. So I am also considering the hpa-3u+ from matrix audio. Which is a dac/amp and while it does offer less power output and the dac is average. The size is more convenient for me and also after a while I already plan on buying a dac and may just use it as a amp
I just use ATH M50s
I used to use a standard TurtleBeach headset (~$50) with a external USB soundcard. These days, I am using the Focal Elegia most of the time for gaming, with the same external USB soundcard - I would have it set up to my Modi/Magni stack if the cable was longer, but sadly the Elegia only came with a 3-foot cable and I haven't purchased a longer one yet... so, while it _can_ make it to my stack, it is also taught enough that I can't move much without pulling hardware across my desk. I also sometimes just get lazy and use my Elex, which is hooked up to my Modi/Magni, since it has a 6-foot cable.
AKG K7XX with an amp (don’t judge them without a proper desktop) amp they are amperage hungry and I’ve made the mistake of judging them poorly just because they got loud enough with poor source.
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@Dushyant I am planning to get the SMSL SU-8 also . Could you go slightly more in depth for me on the differences between the SMSL and topping D50? I can either one of them on amazon and their the same price. I am planning on the SMSL as they have a better spec but I can't tell how they sound. Also I will be pairing it with the massdrop THX AMP
The only reason to buy the SU-8 is if you need/want balanced output. The D50 has a better display and interface. They're both excellent DAC's, but the SU-8 clips at higher levels. The THX will let you use balanced inputs for the single ended output, but not for the pass through, so you'd have to use splitters to fun them to powered monitors. I'm not sure if the clipping would actually be a noticeable issue 99% of the time. Just for the measurements. They use the same DAC chips, so the sound signature will be almost identical.
I switch between 2 pairs of headphones depending on the type of game. I use the Fidelio X2 for casual gaming, the bass and huge sound stage make it feel really immersive in adventure type games like The Witcher, etc. For more competitive applications I use the HD58X, it has more precise imaging than the 6XX...but both have poor sound stage. I recently got a pair of T60RP's and those are going to replace the 58X, better imaging and better sound stage. I also got a pair of Nighthawks, and those just might replace the X2's.
I am fortunate to have both (or spent a stupid amount!). I have a 5.1 surround sound system with my gaming PC, but also a number of respectable headphones with dedicated AMP's and DAC's. Most of my game play is not overly competitive so really love the power and feel the 5.1 system can provide. hearing sounds from the rear and each side independently along with a sub can kick out a more visceral sound and find the fun factor much higher. However when I need to tone it down to stop having booms annoying other's or went to go slightly more immersive at the expense of a beefy sound (does that even make sense!) I will go to headphones and similarly there have an absolute blast. Once again, not overly competitive, so will use my more fun sounding (AKG 712's, HD800s, HD6xx etc) headphones rather then say my AKG 702's which can pick out every tiny detail. So yeah, TL:DR, for me speakers, and more so surround sound is my number one pick, however headphones are extremely great but even then I prefer fun sounding ones which give up say the ability to pick up every detail for a more fun factor.
Headphones. I used to use a gaming headset, but nowadays I just stick with a boom mic and audiophile gear (DAC, amp, headphones). I find that what I lose in pure directional awareness I gain in naturalness and immersion. I guess one could say it's a more "fun" setup. Convenience is definitely a factor; my rig pulls double duty for games and for audio.
Same choice as me . Ditched the gaming headset for audiophile headphones. However mine is more competitive. At the time I got the headphone I was into csgo. It's a any 7xx. It has a wide soundstage and average imaging slightly better then any gaming headset I had b4 e.g steelseries Arctis but it's audio quality is way better.
I typically just use the HD 6XX; lightweight, comfortable, and while not the best imaging and soundstage, good enough. And fabulous sound. Used to use a Sennheiser GSP 300 and used the virtual surround in the Creative app. It also had a preset to make footsteps louder.