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BACK IN STOCK! - Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier

Audiophiles rejoice... The Massdrop x THX AAA (TM) 789 headphone amplifier is now back in stock! Take advantage of limited quantities and see why this is one of the most critically acclaimed and best testing headphone amplifiers ever. Detailed specs and product info here:

Review from Passion for Sound:

Øystein Beck, Singletracker, and 2 others

Is there an associated DAC that pairs with this design. One of pics shows another unit on top with a tube sticking out??? Interested but wish a high sample rate DAC was integrated - was thinking of going with topping dx7s since probably will be much cheaper once you add a good dac to this 789. Thanks
what was the price of the last drop?
When it became an in stock item I thought that was it. I was waiting until after the holidays to get one, if I would have known that was a limited thing I may have put forth more effort to try and get one.
Is what it is man, stock sells out and manufacturing takes time. They finally ran out of the last run of Grace SDAC's as well as the TR-X00 Ebony and Purple Hearts, all of which were "in stock" items. The 789 swings way above it's price category, I have a feeling it sold much more quickly than the expected. Hopefully the next run will be larger.
Yeah I just hope that by putting "limited' on it everyone doesnt run out and buy them all up right away. Before Christmas they were in stock for a month if not was the SDAC. Hopeful it was just the Christmas run.
@CEE_TEE, Just wondering if you know when the THX AAA 789 will drop again? Thanks. 
It is not back in stock.
I was for like 2 days, then sold out again.