Dec 24, 2018

Happy Holidays, Wonderful Winter to Y'all Massdroppies!

...Solstice has flipped us into OFFICIALLY WINTER....Christmas Eve, scattered pagan fests about, yultired shoppers even now fighting that last great battle in Walmart aisle number 5......the warm smell of incense in a small church at a midnight mass...or the clear, quiet, singing of carols by a lone voice in a hayloftythrowdownsomextratothehorsesI''sChristmas! Terriers have helped tangle up the lights for yet another 12Days...... To ALL a Good Season. Serenity and Sanity and a safe schluss through some snow....or that scenic horizon that you've all been looking yours, OURs, if you post up a pic or two. ;) All GOOD things to everybody up in here, once again, another year of offering my little Greetings to this Community of Happy Massdroppy Goodness!
gorian2222, PaigeD, and 2 others

Seasons greetings and happy holidays to you and yours and theirs! New years is right around the corner. Hope everyone gets or does what they want and deserve! 2019 here we come!