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Synergy? What combo has done it for you?

I don't think people consider synergy enough in this hobby. Having the right amp/dac when a new headphone arrives could be the deciding factor on weather or not you like said headphone. That is another conversation altogether though; what I'm curious about are those magic situations when lightning strikes. When a specific headphone paired with a specific headphone amp and/or DAC just sounds phenomenally good, so good it makes said headphone sound... well less awesome on anything else. Creating this thread with the hope that it takes off and people can use it to get ideas or spot trends in what pairs well with what. If it doesn't then oh-well, just thought it would be neat to hear from people! Guess I should start off with mine: NOTHING I've heard (see my headfi profile - mikewr) has such a realistic timbre and spacial representation to music as my HD600 paired with my Burson Conductor Virtuoso (V1) with sabre DAC module. I had it tucked away for a while in my pursuit of balanced gear, and have been enjoying the hell out of my Hifiman Edition X V2 driven balanced out of my Opus#2 player. But just unpacked the beast that is the Burson and man... I was blown way again. The timbre especially just sounds right.
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Dec 28, 2018
Utopia from a MicroZOTL2 has something very special going on...
Dec 28, 2018
It was a Korg 100 DAC playing native DSD into a Cary CAD-300SEI & PB-300 with Elex's... about eight hours into the early morning light of birthing a new set of tubes... nirvana dawned...
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