New Default Categories: Drops / Explore / Polls / Talk?

Since the focus of Massdrop is on drops, shouldn't communities' default view be of drops and not "discoveries"? Here's how you could keep your alphabetical format and still give members what they want -- retitle the "Discover" view "Explore" and rearrange the views ' order as follows:
Drops Explore Polls Talk I understand that Massdrop's architechs [sic] want members to discover new things, but shouldn't the site's navigation priorities reflect the primary reason people come here?
The point of this site is to buy gear en masse, is it not? To buy, then discover new things to buy, then decide what things should be offered next, then talk about them, or even talk to slaughter time.

Jul 2, 2017
I agree it's super annoying that I have to click the "drops" button every time I switch between my followed communities. Looking at drops for each community might not be the use pattern that the architects envisione, but it's my preferred mode when I'm in a hurry and just want to check that I'm not missing out on anything. When I have time to explore and look at polls, discussions, etc. I don't mind making a few extra clicks.