Jan 19, 2019124 views

3.5 mm to 3 pin mini xlr with inline mic?

Hi all, I have a question related to the AKG M220 pros I just received from Massdrop. I ordered these with the intention of gaming with semi-open back headphones, I'm a very social person and I really don't like gaming without a mic. When I received these headphones it was my first exposure to xlr connectors of any type. Subsequently I went searching for an inline mic that was 3.5 mm to 3 pin mini xlr cable. I couldn't find anything but mini xlr mics. Just the mics, no audio output cable. If there is a way to convert the cable to a standard 3.5 mm with an inline mic or a mini xlr with an inline mic I would love to know. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on this topic, these headphones are great for the price and I really don't want to return them in favor of something else.

Hi, i'm interested doing the same thing, can you confirm it works properly or?
One 10 second google search later... https://www.amazon.com/Female-Stereo-Headphone-Adapter-Compatible/dp/B01CTTH00C use any 3.5mm cable you want, including a boom pro.
Ok, thank you. I was just worried that maybe a standard 3 ring jack wouldn't translate properly as I have no experience with xlr connectors.
It states AKG compatibility in the description.