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Weird Yet Enjoyable

Have you ever had that weird set of headphones that has weird sound stage with weird bass and treble yet you still enjoyed them? If you have, what were they?

Aug 1, 2016
Beats by Dre (any of them). i'm surprised at how good hip-hop, rap sound on them. The bass is BOSS on these headsets. so i've read how bad these are and how they are a fashion statement rather than good headphones. but for fun listening, these are not bad. however, the price is another story
NYalexThe newest versions supposedly alleviated some of the previous issues. They are still a terrible value but not a wholly terrible headphone.
Jul 21, 2016
That would be Audio Technica M50. It's monitoring phones with harsh treble and slightly boomy bass. Yet sometimes I enjoy them for 20 minutes that when it becomes horribly painful for me to wear them any more. Second would be Creative aurvana Live! These are V-shaped too with muddy bass but very enjoyable for EDM and very comfy.
Jul 9, 2016
I guess Ubiquo ES903 earbud, my friend let me listen to it and he think it has the best mid ever in any IEM or earbud regardless of price. Quite crazy claim, but surely, when I listened, I got the super silky smooth midrange that I never heard before in any headphone. The only catch? This earbud has no bass, like super rolled-off, zero bass. Like the bass region just completely blank. It is definitely weird yet pleasing. :D
Jul 7, 2016
My favourite cans are my weirdest cans: AKG K240 Sextetts, which they stopped making in the early 80's. I have three pairs (they're all al little different due to variations in the build over their life) but one in particular is just amazing and I've spent lots of hours rebuilding and modding them. The weird thing is, the driver is surrounded by 6 little round variably-tuned dampeners, and they create this almost binaural sound to everything they play! Very coloured, not neutral at all, but just so enjoyable for most styles of music! They're definitely an acquired taste.
Jul 7, 2016
PszegoI love my Sextetts.... Couldn't agree more with your assessment
Aug 4, 2016
PszegoThe AKG Sextett MP and Bottlehead Crack was my first real headphone rig for a long before moving into the crazy planar world.
Haha! I've been waiting for this day. Yes and yes. The ClarityOne ECW1o2.
I picked up the EB110 in-ears at a stellar price and enjoyed them quite a bit (still do in fact). A local Staples had ClarityOne's ECW1o2 headphones on clearance, so I decided to pick em up. How bad could they be for 30 CAD, especially when the EB110 is so good? Ho ho...
Weird? They sure are. The soundstage is monstrous and airy and they have this massive gap where the mid-bass should be. Treble floats around in this odd place between distant and forward. Mids are about the only normal part. The sub-bass though. That's where the mid-bass went. The two got together for one monster sub-bass jam and as a result these things seem to rumble for the sake of rumbling. The ECW1o2 is the epitome of feeling bass, not hearing it.
They offer a very visceral, unrealistic, off-putting experience that still somehow manages to be enjoyable, for me at least. I asked my cousin to give them a whirl. After one song he took them and off and gave me the best WTF look ever. What a terribly flawed, but still very interesting, pair of headphones.
Jul 7, 2016
TheContraptionistI guess your welcome for posting this you finally get to vent your feelings
Jul 6, 2016
I would say my Playstation Gold headset. It's certainly not my best pair of headphones, but something about their weight, built-in mic, and ease of use with the PS4 make them a keeper for me.
Ultrasone Pro900 - the ridiculousness of that bass cannot be put into words, it imparts a metallic "flavor" to the upper mids/treble and S-Logic is a weird beast. I dearly love them for EDM and even more odd... classic outlaw country tracks! The only IEM that comes close to that description for me was the MEE M-Duo... never really took to strong-V headphones but I seem to enjoy these as a change of pace.
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