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Has anyone else gotten tired of seeing ridiculous items made out of titanium?

Ok, I get it, it's a great metal. It's light like aluminum and strong as steel, but come on, do we really need split rings(I can't remember all the examples, that one just popped in my head) made of titanium? What do you do to your keys that it needs to be as strong as, and lighter than steel? I know it's probably a because I can/want to answer...but still I can't be the only one that looks at some of the titanium items that come through Massdrop and thinks why?...Why did someone think this needs to be made out of titanium?
I mean the price tells me that either A) titanium is still expensive to purify, because it is a very common metal, and/or B) They just make this stuff to have ridiculous profit margins. I mean take the Titanium dice for example, we're talking near 40% savings assuming massdrop's listed MSRP is right. And look, I'm not trying to tell people how to spend their cash, it's your cash, do what you want with it. It just blows my mind some of the silly things that are made out of titanium that people actually buy. /rant
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I know this is an old old conversation but it looks like somebody else just bumped it so I feel no shame in just noticing it now! I've never been a big fan of Titanium, though a couple recent knives and a flask are starting to make a dent in my negative feelings. But I wholeheartedly agree with you that there are some things for which Titanium is at best a fetishistic choice.
Many years ago I used to make Chainmaille jewelry. I had a bracelet I'd made in Stainless Steel because I loved the bright silver look and the weight. It felt *substantial* despite being made from rings I'd describe as looking delicate.
A friend asked me if I could make him one in Titanium. I sourced some rings (they were, IIRC, almost as expensive as gold-fill rings from my supplier at the time), and got to work. I *hated* everything about them. They were so light and flimsy feeling, despite their obvious strength. I thought the finished piece felt like a toy from one of those plastic-bubble machines. But my friend loved it, and I made a nice small profit even at friends-and-family rate, so I couldn't complain too much.
I agree mostly , but do look for titanium in some places like a split ring for use with magnetic tools
I respect other people's metal choices.
Compared to 316 stainless steel ratios: 6061 Aluminum has: • 1.61x strength-to-weight (tensile) • 1.06x stiffness-to-weight (Young's modulus) 6AL-4V Titanium has: • 3.18x strength-to-weight • 1.13x stiffness-to-weight
All three have very good corrosion resistance.
personally.... I think one can NEVER have too many titanium items.

thank you, Massdrop!
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My personal favorite is definitely the lens cleaning wipes.
LOL Yah. That guy will let me put ANYTHING on his head. You can tell that he thinks he's important.
No you definitely are not alone on that one. I agree completely. Another crazy thing is there will be say a ball point pen and it's $55 in S.S. and $90 in aluminum and $325 in titanium.😲 Now I really have no idea how much more one of these metals cost then the other but when it comes to somthing like a Pen. I would never pay that much more to upgrade to titanium but maybe that's just me😎
I noticed a lot of these products are coming from companies with TI used in other applications like knives. Possibly because they have the stock of Ti they just want to be able to charge a lot for things like whistles and jump rings. Also they're cool lol, so people request Massdrop to carry strange Ti items.
If they did a drop of the SR-71 then I guess that would be a justified use of titanium.
If it is something that will be in the backpack for a trip lasting several days or more, I can easily understand why you want to get rid of as many grams as possible.
Your call for common-sense on a web-site devoted to consumerism has a bit of an oxymoron quality to it. LOL.
Hey, on watch forums I have managed to make people steaming angry by questioning why it makes sense to buy a watch with a sapphire crystal that is in turn coated on the outside surface with anti-reflective coatings. When you analyze it with actual logic, you can put the coating on mineral crystals and have exactly the same scratch-resistance for less money. But actual logic goes out the window when consumers are biting on the marketing BS hook, line, and sinker. Consumerism is very much an emotional thing with varying amounts of logic applied by individuals.
Now that said, there is a small market of individuals that try to buy titanium stuff due to skin allergies that prevent them from using steel items. I suppose that a person with very strong reactions could want a titanium key ring due to some exposure through cheap pants pocket material. I can see it anyhow, but suspect most of the sales are not to those people.
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TBH I am not even sure what we're arguing about anymore. I think we both like Ti for various reasons, but at the same time recognise it doesn't always make sense to buy stuff made from it.
I'll just leave this close with this drop which ended today, and kind of sums up the Massdrop approach to it: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/kizer-siren-1
Try a Sweat Gutr. Like Halo, but slimmer and cooler.