Thoughts on Cherry MX, and why do you use them?

I posted something like this in the past but deleted it soon after. Anyway, the reason why I ask is because most people I've spoken to use Cherry MX, and some have said they'd use nothing other than Cherry. Is there any specific reason behind it? Considering that there are much, much better switches out there (even in the Cherry-styled realm such as MOD and Zealio, I'm actually typing on MOD-H switches right now). Other folks have said that Cherry MX is kind of like the gateway drug into mechanical keyboards, and that conclusion is the one I agree with as I started out with Cherry MX (well, before that rubber domes) and nowadays I use all sorts of different stuff. ALPS SKCM Whites, Blacks, and even SKCL Greens. But ALPS are a hit or miss due to eBay scalpers, or just the general lack of stock as they are no longer produced.
When it comes to Cherry or Cherry MX-styled switches though, also considering that some vendors sell unique switches based off of Cherry's design, what is the appeal to Cherry MX besides the fact that, in bulk, you can find all kinds of different RGB keyboards that sport Cherry?
Yeeaaah. I'm one of those guys who can't find anything notable about Cherry switches besides the fact that you can find them very easily on "pretty" keyboards lol. And well, they're also easy to get your hands on, lights or no lights.


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