Mar 13, 2019

Beyerdynamic T51i still a good headphone

I have the opportunity to buy a used set of T51i in excellent condition. I want to know the general consensus on these from the MD group. I listen to mostly classical. Gear I use: fiio x5ii, E12diy with opa627 and ha5002. Currently using tfz s5 which I love but they’re becoming a bit fatiguing to me for some reason. Thanks in advance

As another altacocker that loves and listens to primarily classical music I would just like to mention a couple things that will enhance your listening pleasure though not directly answer your question. I used the closed Beyerdynamics PT 770 and open Sennheiser HD 598 using a new strictly classical streaming service out of Germany, Idagio. It’s interface and selections are excellent AND it’s CD quality.