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New Massdrop Made Launch Pricing

Hi everyone, As our CEO Steve mentioned in a recent post, we are working on some really exciting things, and we wanted to share news with you around one of these. Today, we are introducing special pricing on new Massdrop Made items that reward your enthusiasm and interest for our products. Moving forward, during the initial launch run of most new Massdrop Made products, an exclusive “Launch” price will be available for a specified quantity of products, prior to regular pricing. There are no current plans for this pricing structure to be applied to already launched and in-store Massdrop Made products. We will be keeping a close eye on how this new model is playing out and may make tweaks to it as needed, to deliver the best experience for you. You can find more details about the “Launch” pricing on each new product’s page. As always, please let us know if you have any questions! Thanks, The Massdrop Team
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I missed that price on the Mr speakers cans still selling. Not saying that’s a bad price for what they are, however.
Next thing you'll be doing is offering pre-orders with early access..... Discounts are fine... but I'd prefer to see MD become a bit more ethical in it's marketing and listings. Like disclosing "made in insertcountryhere" in your postings instead of purposefully not disclosing it for products made in China while visibly disclosing for products made in more desirable countries. Work on your ethics before working on your marketing tactics. MD needs to reestablish some of the trust it's lost since it's early days.
Whats up with the 1 cent price raise of all product? Just choose to have rounder numbers?
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I'm pretty sure that there has been study's where it shows consumers prefer .99 and find it looks like a better deal.
Oh really? I never knew that. Gonna look it up :)
Does it affect the edition XX?
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I assume you are new to massdrop but the 6xx has been out for more than 2 years now and the drop has ended and started dozens of times, yet the price increase was just the other week. Your logic is insanely flawed.
You know what they say about assuming.... If you are happy being taken for a sucker, that is fine by me.
This seems like a wonderful idea, but I have some concerns. Will these pre-orders still have the standard return policy? I'm happy to fund the production of a product that I like, but as with preordering a video game, there's little incentive to change a product once you already have the money.
How about a url that we can save to show just the new Massdrop Made launches. i.e. please make it easy to find these.
It only affects one drop for now (though most new drops moving forward): The Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE-35X, which is launching today at noon. No link for that product page yet. Stay tuned.