Mar 29, 201959 views

What do you Recommend?

Need a great all rounder for music and single player casual gaming for my first pair of good headphones. Don't have a dac so if the headphones require one please state so. I live in the EU and therefore massdrops tax 80 euro in shipping and tax. Have already looked at a couple of options, the akg k712 for 210 euro, the fidelio x2 for 250 euro, the Hifiman he400i for 230 euro and the k612 for 110 euro

The Fidelio X2 is the best for long sessions, but it's not a "technical" headphone. They're fantastic for casual gaming, movies, and enjoyable non fatiguing music listening. The pads, open design, and padded head band make them comfortable to wear for extended periods. Forgot to mention the the X2's don't need an amp to sound their best.
A DAC is never required to get the headphones to operate. A DAC and amp only increase the audio quality and provide more power to the headphones
Yeah I know you can drive hard headphones without an amp but it would be a bit of a waste I think.