Connection Without Compromise

Dropped connections are the number-one pain point for owners of wireless IEMs—so we’re making an infallible connection our number-one priority. This is no small task, and after lots of preparation and several rounds of prototyping, we’re still dialing in the wireless connectivity to get it as close to perfect as possible. Our proving ground: the BART ride between our San Francisco office and different parts of the East Bay, where many of us live. This train travels not only underground, but also underwater beneath the San Francisco Bay. With our first sample, we saw a whopping 35 disconnects during a commute about as many minutes long. After a year of testing and improving, we were almost ready to approve a sample when NuForce shared some unexpected news. It’s a game-changer: a prototype of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset that has instantly brought connection drops down to zero during our test routes. This chipset makes a big difference, but it also comes with a big decision: we can only use it in the Move IEM if we delay the launch to allow the NuForce team to finish and incorporate the design. Of course, this isn’t too difficult a choice to make. We’d rather have you wait for your dream IEM than see you settle for an IEM that you can receive quickly, but that leaves you wanting. We hope you’ll agree to stick with us while we get this just right.


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