May 24, 2019500 views

We’re Expanding Our Return Policy

Greetings everyone, It’s our aim to create the best experience for the members of the community, and this includes the purchasing of products. Today we’re kicking off a limited time test in which we’ll be expanding upon our 30-day return policy in the US. Starting now, across most of our Drop Studio products, you’ll be able to return (or exchange) the item you purchased within the first 30 days, no questions asked. Think of it as we’re taking out the risk of getting that product you’ve had your eye on. Whether the item is available for pre-order or available in our store, if you purchase any of these products between May 24 and July 22, they will be eligible for free returns. All eligible products will have a call-out on their respective product pages. Some exceptions will apply and items must be innew, unused condition.. This test will cover a large number of Drop Studio products. Just look for this disclaimer at the bottom of the product pages:
For all other products purchased on our site, we only offer returns/replacement for items that arrive damaged, defective, not as advertised, or missing components. Check out the Help Center article for the full details of our test and existing policy here or you can reach out to Drop Support ( with any questions. After July 22, we’ll be concluding the test, assessing how it all went, and then working on the next steps. So stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated as per any and all developments. Have any questions? Ask us in the discussion. Thanks! The Drop Team
Hutmacher, Asheikm, and 16 others

This is great news--I'm returning everything I've purchased over the past three years for a full refund. I'll be rich, RICH I TELL 'YA!!!
Pity Massdrop did not do the Quad ERA-1 drop properly. It was not highlighted anywhere that there was no warranty on the item, it was an unauthorised group buy that Quad USA & HQ did not support. So if you run into problems beyond the 30 days, you're on your own - to the dismay of many of us who spent over $500 on that drop, to end up with lemons within 6 months.
In europe, the return policy is set for 14 days, would you offer this extension to the EU market as well? Will you give an update with regard to the "EU shipping test" or with future EU based sales?
This particular expansion will just be for US for now, but we would obviously love for this to expand from there towards everyone in the EU and otherwise. I do have a slight update with the "EU Shipping Test" as well. We're in the works with the next part of it and it will be happening super, super soon. Just confirming dates today and I'll be able to share the specifics after that.
Please go back to massdrop, I legit have issues finding your site unless I google massdrop + its interfering with dropbox for me.
My autofill still enters massdrop, and pressing enter still takes me here.
This is amazing. I was a bit bummed out by the recent price increase, but with more flexible return and exchange policy, I see this as a worthy trade off. Thanks massDrop! (lol)
Can you expand your list of countries available for drop?