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AMPS/DAC - Recommendations

Hey I'm a student studying sound and audio, and wanting to purchase a DAC or interface to run ableton and ProTools, using the Massdrop Sennheiser HD6xx headphones and Rokit Powered speakers. Currently have a hand me down Focusrite interface, is this sufficient or any other recommendations??

If you are a student the most important aspect is that your interface (and the included DSP) will work well with Ableton and Protools. So, if you already have a Focusrite interface that is supported in Protools, I'd suggest trying that with your new headphone first?
If the Focusrite delivers too little level for your headphone -- or you find that you're disappointed by the sound quality -- you can always use the line-outs of the Focusrite to connect it e.g. with an O2 or a Schiit Magni to drive the headphone better. Most likely the DAC part in the Focusrite will be just fine (and it is a very convenient interface with the inputs etc.)
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The way I see it is you can either get some cans that are easier to drive, or add a better amp into the chain. For around $100 you can pick up some OK cans, or you can build/buy a decent amp.
Since you're studying audio, I'll presume you're not afraid to bust out the soldering iron so I recommend this guy as it's the only thing I've found that can be had at around $100 that I can get to drive HD6xx decently:
Unfortunately my course doesn't entail much if anything on the hardware side of things other than the basics and mic placement and mixing desk signal flows. But I appreciate the advice!