Aug 15, 2019

Over Ear Headphone with good bass under $30

I'm in a pinch. One of my friends wants a good pair of over ear headphones for around $30 or less (estimated figure- he straight out rejected when I mentioned of a headphone costing around $55 USD). He mainly listens to rap and trance and edm, and highlighted that the bass has got to be good (I figure it means boosted and tight and extended; doesn't have to be fast or textured at this price and requirement). Before this I wasn't clear about what he wanted and he wasn't aware of my semi-audiophilic background lol, with nearly disastrous consequences (he didn't dare try the headphone that I brought to his place and never raised the matter again until recently when I probed him). If he accepted iems and earbuds, I believe I could have found something for him within the budget, but decent over ears? I have to admit it's beyond my current knowledge

Do consider some koss headphones too they are cheap and good
Are there any over ear models you would recommend that sit within the budget?
That is a very very limited budget for full sized over ear headphones. About the only real option is these but they aren't very comfortable without aftermarket pads. May just want to tell your friend that is not reasonable and to change the style or their budget. I had friends with unrealistic expectations previously, they eventually come to understand the limitation of such a small budget. Used may be their best option
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HAHA XD He probably would, if he gave some of them a listen 1st :p
Omg guys such timing- I checked again today and there's a 25% dis for the H840; so it's going for about $24usd now. I'm sure he'll get it XD Thanks all!