EU-Return Policies on Headphones.

Does Massdrop still offer returns only for US-Citizens? I mean, especially on Headphones the personal taste is a huge matter and something, you cannot derive just from pictures, reviews and tech-specs. Normally, i am able to go to a store and checkout the Headphone there. Most Online-Retailers offer a return policy (if they`re based in the EU, it even is mandatory by law), and thomann, the biggest online-retailer (eu-wide) for music-equipment especially offers a 30days return policy because of this reason: You cannot know if a headphone is for you, before you test it. I do get, that on Drops itself, Drop isn`t offering returns, because those are limited and other people, who wanted to get in, couldn`t get in because of the one who bought it. (even though i still think on some items a return policy is something that could be considered). And if you want that item, you can wait until it is in stock regularly. But let`s face it. Drop is no longer only an "at least X people have to subscribe until the drop happens"-based-shop. In some regards, it is a typical, normal online-retailer just like everyone else out there - but with specially branded products. Especially this last issue should qualify for a better return policy, even for those outside the US.

Sep 13, 2019
They suck. Let’s be honest. It was cool at first until they realized it’s unsustainable. Instead of converting to a real online retailer with respectable customer service and a competitive return policy they want to convert to normal retailer but still use shady return policy to maximize profits. I have brought many things from these folks and expected some kind of appreciation but through their horrible customer service and horrendous return policy, they make it clear that they don’t give two shits about their customers. It’s time to stop giving these people your money.