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Welcome to MD, where you pay the same price as anywhere else (or more) and still have to wait a month (or more) to receive your purchase. More and more drops are priced higher or the same as normal etailers who have the item in stock and don't force you wait a month for it. This whole idea of groupbuy as the means to use collective bargaining to achieve lower prices appears to be dead, and MD is simply turning into a regular etailer with the inconvenience of forced wait period before the product ships out.
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Massdrop is simply a mess now. The new site is a complete turn off. Pricing is horrible. Customer service still sub par. I ONLY come here for "super" deals which occur once in a blue moon it seems and even then I am hesitant unless I know I can get warranty service via the mfg. When Massdrop decided they wanted to be a traditional storefront and I'm guessing hired a bunch of "execs" who think they know it all... it sent down hill fast along with their integrity... such as the blantant hiding of items made in China vs clearly displaying when products are made in desirable countries like the US.
Amazon is NOT a retailer and is essentially a middle man, a glorified drop shipping center. Massdrop has increased prices and reduced value enough that I have lost interest in thier drops.
I have got some great deals on Massdrop..However some items are wayy overpriced...Just do not buy unless you get at least 50% off Retail!
They keyboard community sees some usefulness with group buys when making BRAND NEW things. But even then, it's something that could be done elsewhere, AND Massdrop then has exclusivity rights. Which is shady.
This. This is true. Even in the "Black Friday" sale section, other retailers had the same items, not on sale, for the same price.
It seems when all the investment money came in and the board filled up with individuals looking to make profit at the expense of the purpose of the site (remember when there were Vapes?) The prices and quality of drops fell off.
Although I doubt Massdrop will comment on this, I suspect that they're legally bound to showing you MSRP. I know, for instance, that Best Buy isn't even allowed to show sale prices until the item is in your cart or until you ask in store in certain occasions, and will simply list the MSRP with a "Sale" tag on it. I'm no web dev, but a possible solution to this would be for someone, not Massdrop affiliated, to write an extension that automatically looks up an item on Amazon and provides the "Shipped and Sold by Amazon" price, along with whether or not the item qualifies for Prime shipping.
This would indeed be useful. I do it anyway
I think that that complaining about the quality of drops is essentially pointless, as the best form of protest would be to stop purchasing items through Massdrop. However, I think a valid criticism towards Massdrop would be the misleading retail prices, especially on Massdrop's own products. Since they are made by massdrop, they will never be sold by standard retailers, and the price you pay for them is essentially MSRP. Beyond the Massdrop collabs, so many drops state that they offer sales of 30-70% off, but when you look on Amazon, its more like 5-10%. Massdrop needs to enforce the transparency of the value of drops, as many of them are incredibly misleading, and base them off a major retailer like Amazon.
amazon prices respond dynamically to demand. check out for historical data (and alerts). i don’t know that you could reliably quote against a fluctuating baseline.
I'm sure that there's a better way to determine "standard prices," but since drops only last a week or two, Amazon prices are should be reliable enough for determining the actual savings of a drop.