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Cycling category?

What does the community think about a cycling category covering bikes, triathlon, and gear?
dopeman, F1ow, and 183 others

Yeah I really think we need this here. More than baking!
I would love a cycling category that covered bicycle commuting, touring, bicycle camping, expedition and touring bicycles . . .
Yes please
Yes please!
I think that this would need to be broken up into categories. Selfishly, I am a mountain biker, but I wouldn't have much interest in most of the road/track/fixy gear. I think that this would give much better navigation in the long run
please do it. Need a pair of jawbreakers that are not 200$+ and a new helmet. Fixed gear/track stuff too!
That's the category I was looking for.
Literally, got onto the website trying to find a cycling category. This was right on time
Great idea!! I'm in!
Road bike gear please! Sunglasses, shoes, helmets, shirts, shorts, jerseys, socks, gloves, chamois cream, and bike computers!
I would love it, and the PC Part Picker guys are actually making a Bicycle Part Picker as well, but on the whole, there's not a lot of savings to be found in purchasing a bicycle piecemeal. The category would likely be filled primarily with gadgets.
Yes pls
Will be great!
This would bring me back to massdrop every single week.
I really wish we got more kayaking gear and kayaks.
EDIT: Maybe something for outdoor sports in general? I know we already have the outdoor category though so that may be redundant. Perhaps a "Sports" category? Could appeal to a more broad user base as well
I'm in!
That would be awesome, but if there was a mountain bike section that would be great!
Yes! Road bikes and gear!! Thanks...
Yes please
Cycling , worldwide, is huge. One can go at it so many ways from beast of burden to priceless art. By all means do it.R
Great idea
I co-sign this.
Definitely, the only thing I spend more time shopping for than audio is bike stuff :)
Absolutely I just spent $160 on tires & tubes
Im all for a cycling category!
Yep I think its a good idea. Though I may not be able to purchase much more stuff post July 1, 2018 (see my post about Australian 10% GST).
Yes, I'm in
Stems, pedals, grips, bikepacking bags, commuter bags / panniers, handlebars, grip tape, frameskins.... so many things that I could get behind.
Would love to see Massdrop partner up with Redshift for their new seatpost (I have their stem on my commuter bike and it's pretty sweet)
Yes! Bikepacking and road biking gear please.
I think people need to be supporting their LBS. So, no.