Have you checked out the Warehouse Sale yet?
The Warehouse Sale is a major hit over here at Drop HQ. We’re all getting a headstart on our holiday gift-shopping—and splurging on stuff we can’t resist for ourselves. So far, we’ve spotted amazing deals on brand-name monitors, keycaps, apparel, and everything in between. Now, we’re pleased to announce that our exclusive Warehouse Sale is open to you, our Drop community members. Get your hands on extras from our curated collections—in limited quantities, at better-than-ever discounts.   Make sure to check it out at www.drop.com/warehouse — Products are added daily, so check back and keep shopping.    What have you snagged up? Let us know your haul in the comments. 
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Aug 29, 2020
Thanks for the clarification Prepaid Card Status
Oct 16, 2019
What the hell are these drops half of them are absurdly priced no where near market price
A community member
Oct 14, 2019
Better than ever discounts?? REALLY??? Kyocera 12oz Flip Top Travel Mug for nearly $30 shipped!! I'm quite certain it was cheaper when dropped with shipping. And besides, I can get one from Amazon Prime for just $20. After six years, I'm getting ready to sign off from Drop for good.
Oct 12, 2019
Hope i can get Holy Pandas for cheap
Oh boy... So, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my kitchen gear, I LOVE gift-giving, and I LOVE a good bargain. So, naturally, pretty much everything I purchased from the sale will either go straight into my kitchen or under the Christmas tree in about 2 months. Here's a quick rundown of 3 things I picked up from the warehouse sale that I'm most excited about:
  1. I'm super excited about picking up one of the Moccamasters (a girl's gotta have her coffee!) Now, don't get me wrong, I'll pretty much drink any coffee, but there's something exciting about snagging one of these ultra-fancy machines. I can't wait to test it out.
2. I'm a huge fan of The Great British Baking Show/Bakeoff, so of course I had to grab a few of the Mason Cash Mixing Bowls (the same ones they use on the show!) I picked up a set in cream for myself and a big red bowl for my sister for Christmas, which I plan to accompany with an apron and a cookbook. She's going to love it!
3. Schott Zwiesel Audience Burgundy Glasses - So, I'm also a burgeoning wine connoisseur/wannabe fancy adult. And what says fancy wine-loving adult than a good set of wine glasses? I'm excited to get these into my collection for all the wannabe fancy dinner parties I dream of hosting in the future. For now, though, they'll go into my closet, where I can keep then outta the hands of my many roommates.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone else picked up!
Oct 12, 2019
Welp, looks like i'm getting bowls then.
Oct 11, 2019
"Orders ship to continental U.S. only." This is why I don't open half of the emails I get from Drop anymore.