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What's Your Favorite Break-in Song?

Want to know what song(s) you guys listen to when breaking in new headphones. Or in other words, what song is your absolute go-to when you get those new cans, IEMs or headphones? I'm just getting into higher-end gear myself so I'd love some recommendations. That, and branching out with music is always good. Spotify Playlist of all the suggested songs:
🎧 Listen here:

It's a collaborative playlist so feel free to add your tracks to the list.
Hypnorest, Grace Rodriguez, and 50 others

Pete Belasco’s Deeper for burn-in
Rusty Cage by Soundgarden
I use a YouTube video called "10 Hours of Pink Noise." A commenter said "The best part of the track is 8:56. I really feel what the artist was trying to express."
Spotify? Poor quality...
Is there a Tidal version of this playlist?
I don't listen to anything when breaking in new headphones. I plug mine into a talk radio station and let them break themselves in. By the time i start using them they sound good and they're proud of their contry.
Running through this playlist. Really good stuff!
Honestly if anyone wants a song that will both test your headphones to their highest capabilities while also giving a listening experience that won't be rivaled for months then listen to "we own the night" by "dance Gavin dance" this is the very song that made me seek out better audiophile equipment in the first place and it will not disappoint. (Btw it is a rock song and might take a little getting used too on one or two small parts but it is well worth it, keep an open mind lol)
Sell all your nice headphones bro lol. I wouldn't use DGD to reference test anything.
I like that collab playlist! For my break-ins I don't have specific reasons other than they are some of my favorite selections and I always have to listen though new hardware: Pink Floyd - Animals and other selections (I could spend all day on them) Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (live) Blast! Foo Fighters - In Your Honor Highly Suspect - Little One And my recent fave: Joe Bonnamassa and Beth Hart - I'll Take Care of You
RIP by Playboi Carti.
Does anyone know if it makes an objective difference? When I was really in a hurry to break in speakers, I used sinewave sweep tracks that were designed specifically for break-in. But you have to set up the speakers facing each other and out of phase, otherwise the noise drills a hole in your skull.
My Break in starts with my Vinyl collection of Pink Floyd, ELO & Alan Parsons.
I have a huge iTunes collection of songs I've produced...I just find a nice area without too many duplications...they will play for 3 days if I needed. I just do 24 hours, and every few hours adjust the level a wee bit. Lots of variety..with big drums and bass, orchestral scoring, female/male vocals. All tracks mastered using the LUFS standards, so lots of dynamic range. Hopefully, I'm in the ballpark. Cheers, and Enjoy your new headphones, everyone!!!
Hans Zimmer - Planet Earth 2 suite...the dynamics are huge!!
I have found a celtic music mix in ye olden days and use that
De-Ceit Portugal The Man Remix, The Sound of Animals Fighting
Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin
HSB - Corium Because it starts with nice wide ambience, letting me enjoy the soundstage for a bit and, later in the song, the guitar makes any ugly distortions in the upper frequencies very obvious to my ears.
Interstellar OST Mountains, the drop is like God yelling at me
Enigma Dubz - Badness (Sadhu Remix) [DarkstepWarrior 30k EP] If you're able to think about anything other than walking, your gear sucks.
I just take my entire library of 5TB and set to "play all - shuffle" and just let it run for hundreds of hours while I'm not using it - sleeping and and out for meetings.
Ryoji Ikeda's "dataplex". It's wonderful to test new headphones with. I usually run new cans through my Rubix22
So the collaborate thing isn't working out... spent quite some time starting at the beginning of this thread and posting them to the playlist. Checked them recently and just about every track has been removed.
Did you post like 50 songs? It should only be one or two max from each person for the sake of diversity.
I was posting 1-2 for those that picked albums and all of the individual songs posted. Well over a hundred tracks that have since disappeared. They weren't my picks just those in the thread. Duncan started with the recent stuff and I went to the beginning.
Other than that though, most of my favorite bands have broken up, or at least have a separate line-up than when they first started. Help With Assignment - Assignment Corp Of the bands posted below, I really don't think there's speculation some of them will reunite but the upper part of the answer denied anything that I know.
My favorite break-in song? Lol at myself: while this "audiophile" is out, for speakers 8-10hrs pink noise, 70-75db@ 1mtr followed by another 8-10 again while out of the apartment of white noise (Trump running his damn mouth) 55-65db. THEN chill music for the next 24.
10 hour YouTube dubstep Nyan cat. Play it on repeat for desired time. It has bass, mids and treble in spades.