Dante: Please introduce a new circle of hell for web designers!
Do modern web designers do ANY usability testing? Today I received an email "It's not bragging if it's true" soliciting pictures of a recent purchase (Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit V6). This leads to a "pictures" section of the product page which surprisingly was empty. So I uploaded a couple of pictures. It prompted me to type a caption which I did. The pictures are published without the caption (even when clicked on to view full size) and with a procrustic truncation over which I get no control (that I can find). This is pointless and makes me look stupid, so I want to delete them, but I cannot find any way to do that either!

Hi John, Thanks for flagging! We're working on making sure that the title does show up, so that'll get fixed soon (as well as an easier to find delete)! Sorry to hear about your experience and we'll make sure to fix it going forward. Regards,