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Why are the 6XX heavier and more substantial than the 58X?

Hey y'all. So FedEx just dropped off my new HD6XX and upon unboxing them I noticed they feel heavier and more substantial than my 58X. Is this my imagination at work or is this real life? Currently wracking my brain attempting to figure this one out. Different materials all around? Hrmmm..

I suppose you have both still? I have an HD 650 and an HD 58X Jubilee. With the 58X in my left hand and 650 in my right, cables detached, the weight was very similar. However, at first I felt the 650 was maybe slightly heavier? Then I switched hands because the weight was so close, and then the 58X in my right hand felt heavier! I started to wonder if the difference was due to holding on one of the headband bumps or in the middle groove, multiple fingers, etc... but then I decided to get more objective with it. I put them on a digital scale, and they weighed the same. I actually like to use the HD 58X as a portable, because it’s hard to downgrade once you’ve gotten used to it! At home, I switch between a lot of headphones (I used to be a reviewer, and sometimes I still get loaners).
Drop has them both listed at roughly 9.2 oz or 260 grams... but that is without cable. I own the HD650 (6xx with longer cable) but not the 58X otherwise I would weigh both and let you know. I will say having owned older 5 series headphones the type of plastic used is different vs. the 6 series.
Yep! And I get what @ElectronicVices is saying; the HD 558 and HD 598 had somewhat brittle plastics that sometimes would crack, so Sennheiser stopped using that plastic. For the HD 600 series (including this HD 58X Jubilee), I believe Sennheiser upgraded to the same lightweight anti-resonant resin that they used for the HD 800 as well... but they use the same injection molding tooling that they’ve been using for a long time with the HD 600 series, and since it’s been used to produce hundreds of thousands (maybe over a million in it’s lifetime?) of headphones you can see shallow ripples/waves in the headband if you hold it just-so against the light. Functionally it’s still good, just interesting that it’s gained this extra character and brings over 20 years of history with it.
EvshrugYeah the 58X is a bit of a one-off as far as the lines go, a smaller driver but same generation of technology as the 660. Quite familiar with 555, 595, 518, 558, 598, not so much on the 58X. The 555 was my go-to for several years before picking up an HD650.
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