Will we see new products?
I love drop, and I love checking to see what new goodies are in store. The past year I've been a little disappointed to see the same products listed every single day, and a razor focus on pocket knives and headphones. Some products never leave the shelf, while others cycle in, and out, and in, and out... over and over and over. As an owner of a few knives and sets of headphones that I'm very satisfied with and have no intention of replacing (until they break, which will be a long long time), I've started to lose interest in the site. It also seems that a number of categories got axed, and the general diversity of available products has fallen off a bit. Am I biased? Are other people having a different experience?
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Jan 28, 2020
You love Drop? I think you mean you loved Massdrop. This isn't Massdrop... this is some skeleton and remake in some stale image of what MD used to be and made it great. RIP MD and the greatness it was. They lost thousands of dollars in spending from me (I literally spent several grand on stuff through MD). I guess that kind of dough from just one customer doesn't matter to them. I am really curious. Did they get bought out and some "dream team" come on and decide to pull a "rip it all out and make it our own" without the slightest inclination of the result? Who can say. It is a serious abmination now that's for sure. The site is a MESS and super difficult to manage from what it was before. The community is GONE and the product selection... destroyed. I see a story here but I doubt it will ever be told. "Store that was connected to it's customers get's bought out by investment firm and is translated into a cardboard cutout of every other vapid product site". If I seem bitter it's because I am. I miss MD.
Jan 9, 2020
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It's because of their business model change and the fact some of the communities don't exist anymore