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Tuning Pads......

I am one of those that usually use a product, "As Is". In other words, stock cables, stock pads & so on...… This how the product was made by its creator & how it was made to sound. Usually, if I made adjustments to a product, it was for convenience, not for sonics. A shorter cable for better mobility or to add a remote/mic were the kind of adjustments I'd make. This past November, I took advantage of some BF sales to just experiment with some cables, earpads, etc...... I had one set of over ears that, while I was very happy with them, I inherently felt that there was room for improvement sonically. I just felt tha the stock earpads choked some of the performance in the upper frequencies. I purchased a set of aftermarket earpads that expanded the ear opening & also placed my ears further away from the driver. A better soundstage & treble response were the result but the treble was slightly aggressive on some music. Upon investigation, I examined the stock pads & saw that the incorporated pad was fairly thick. It was this, along with the shape of the ear opening which covered part of the driver, that helped to attenuate the treble. The incorporated pad in the new generic pads was nothing more than a dust cover & did nothing to filter any sound. So, inspired by my Ether CX & their filter system, off I went to see if I couldn't find some after market tuning pads that would suit my needs. There wasn't a lot available except for the Sennheiser HD 600 Series of headphones. If you had something else, there was a paucity options. Just about anything that was out there was made in Asia & I was able to source some from HK that fit my headphones in 2mm & 4mm thickness. The 2mm worked like a charm! Anyway, I've said all of this to say that tuning pads are something that Drop should consider offering as an after market product. Any thoughts???


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