First Impressions: Changing the Headphone Game
First impressions are coming in and we couldn’t be happier with the response! Take a look at what the community and the press is saying about our latest collaboration: the world’s first wireless headphone with full-system sound. Community

Jude, Founder Head-Fi - "The DROP + THX Panda is an audiophile-class wireless (and wired) planar ribbon headphone with a rich tonal balance and excellent detail. I love that the Panda was tuned acoustically (no DSP), supports high-resolution Bluetooth with aptX HD and LDAC, and has an integrated THX AAA amplifier. I measured the DROP + THX Panda in Head-Fi's measurement lab, and its frequency response and extraordinarily low THD were essentially identical in both wireless and wired modes!"

Marv Chen, SBAF - "In comes Drop to resurrect the PM-3 as the Panda, but their style, has added their flourishes: revised tuning, a THX AAA amp with feedforward distortion correction, and wireless Bluetooth functionality. How 'bout that? How many of you guys were wishing there was a wireless PM3? Well you guys got your wish." Linus Tech Tips: "Wireless headphones for the people who actually care about audio quality - who would have thunk it, right? You've got to try them. I think these are a game changer" Mad Lust Envy, Gaming Headphone Reviewer: "For the everyday Joe looking to get just one serious pair of headphones for every purpose wether at home, on the go, or at work, the Panda is hell of an option" El Jefe Reviews: "Top dogs as far as sound quality goes these are gonna be the way to roll. And there's some tough competition out there, you've got the Sony XM3s, Bose 700s, these are going to be the king in Bluetooth headphones." BadSeedTech, Audiophile & Product Reviewer: "Bold statement time: The Panda is the best-sounding commuter Bluetooth headphone out there. Better than Bose, Sony, and Beyerdynamic." Press

9To5Toys - “Overall, Panda is a great package for the $399 MSRP. The combination of planar drivers, THX-AAA amp, and the promise of Sony LDAC make it a fully featured pair of headphones with 30 hours of battery life for audiophiles who want the convenience of wireless audio. The sound that comes out is very neutral and packs plenty of power.”

CES's 2020 Editorial picks award - "What you'll actually want to buy this year: They sound stunning, especially for the incredibly reasonable $399 price point."

HiFiTrends - "These Extraordinary Drop + THX‌ Panda Planar Magnetic Wireless Headphones Have Some Sensational Tech!"

Headphonist - "It's been a while since we've seen a true wireless headphone aimed at audio enthusiasts and not just being developed to butt-heads over best ANC on the market (Looking at you, Sony WH-1000XM3)."

Samma3a - "Lately, Drop has been teaming up with the likes of THX to release some very interesting and well-regarded headphone amplifiers. But now, they’ve gone ahead and teamed up with THX once again to release something brand new: a set of wireless headphones. They’re called the Panda headphones and they seem to offer quite a lot of value on paper.”

MorningStar and Forex TV - "THX Showcases Innovation at CES with launch of new THX Certified Game Mode and partner products featuring THX Certification and Technologies"

Sound & Vision Reporter - "Panda Audiophile Wireless Headphones Get THX Badge"

Android Central and - "Drop is debuting Panda, a pair of ultra-high-quality headphones for $399. These headphones utilize THX's new AAA technology to not only deliver better audio quality than ever, but also better battery life than you could imagine."

Engadget - "I got to try a quick demo of spatial audio on the ZMBIZI smartphone using the just-announced Panda headphones from Drop and THX. Blasting Pink Floyd's ‘Money’ through the Pandas sounded great no matter what setting was activated, but it actually sounded best on the THX-enhanced stereo setting to me."

Stay tuned for our official launch on IndieGoGo on January 27th. Thanks so much for your support. We can’t wait to deliver these groundbreaking wireless headphones to the community.

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Mar 22, 2020
Will the batteries on these bad boys be user replaceable at their end of life?
Mar 19, 2020
Lol @ the credibility of most of these people you took quotes from.
Feb 25, 2020
So awesome. Nice one, can’t wait for these to DROP! Well done to the team; nice collaboration, nice resurrection, nice price, nice product. I said “Nice one bruv’va”!
Feb 5, 2020
Well .. if it happens the same with the DT 177X GO, where the test units sounded different from the production units... these "First Impressions" means nothing to me. I am waiting for the reviews of the production units
Jan 31, 2020
How fragile is the headband? I want to buy this but I'm worried, Momentums are about the only headphones I can take outside and trust to not break within a few months. Also, what delivery service are you going to use? It can be important because they can have different ways to pay import tax for different countries and I'd like to know if I should order to Russia or to EU, which entirely depends on the delivery service that's used (DHL, UPS, snail mail, etc).
Feb 17, 2020
The joints and moving pieces were all cast aluminum specifically to strengthen the connection. The band should be plastic, but who knows what type and how thick it may be.
Jan 30, 2020
I dont trust it can beat sony 1000xm3
Mar 31, 2020
The firmware update did not harm noise cancellation on my pair FWIW, so I suspect a minority of users have issues. Sound quality can be rather subjective as well; I also have no complaints over the sound quality of the Sony headphones personally. They bring quality sound and noise cancelling at a competitive price. Regarding this set: I can’t justify a preorder without reviews of the final product. As others have stated, bait and switch can be a real issue.
May 8, 2020
agree, there is a market.
Jan 23, 2020
Winners of the Panda Listening Day Giveaway are @iamlilysdad , @Amateur-Audiophile and @djfluffkins Congratulations! We'll be in touch in the next 1-2 weeks with more details! Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the Panda listening event! It was great to meet you all in person.
Holy crap!!! I’ve never won anything this cool in my life!!! Thank you!!!
Jan 25, 2020
I’m super excited for these! Thank you!
Jan 23, 2020
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Couple measurements posted in the main discussion, thanks for all your impressions!
Jan 22, 2020
I attended the listening event and was very excited to hear these headphones. There were multiple listening stations setup, most with iPads connected to Panda's over BT. I know some are going to decry this setup as "not audiophile", but really this is very close to the primary use case for these headphones. Sound (most of the time I listen to Senn 6xx's driven by a SoundBlaster X7 and Audeze iSine 10's with cipher cable) I spent the vast majority of my time listening to the Panda's in the above scenario. They sounded incredible. Far better than other $400 BT headphones (most of which have ANC, which tends to detract from the sound quality IMO). I'm not good at describing sound, but I'll give it a try. These are very clear and offer an enjoyable sound. They don't sound ruler flat, and they don't seem to muck up any of the sound, either. Bass is fantastic and goes super low, but it's not boomy and overpowering. Mids seems very, VERY SLIGHTLY recessed, and treble is nice and pleasant. Not harsh or bright, also not missing. It's definitely there. Nothing about the sound was fatiguing to me either. I also spent a little time with the Panda's being driven by the THX amp with a turntable as the source. No bluetooth this time. My album of choice was Nevermind by Nirvana, something I am very familiar with and have listened to many times on different equipment. This removed any doubt I had about the sound quality of the Panda's. Nevermind sounded fantastic. The sound signature was the same as it was over BT, but it was definitely clearer and more resolving. Same great bass, same VERY VERY slightly recessed mids, and same great but not harsh treble. Just MORE resolution and clarity. Compared to the 6xx's (from memory, since I didn't bring them with) the Panda's have deeper and better controlled bass, mids are more recessed, and the treble extends a bit further and might have slightly better resolution. The 6xx's sound more open...because they are open. :) Comfort I purposely spent as much time with them on my head uninterrupted as possible to get a decent idea of comfort level. At first I had them on with most of the weight on the top of my head. This was not comfortable, and the headband has a barely pliable rubber material on the underside. These were not designed to be worn this way. I opened them up a few clicks and let the clamping force do the work of holding them in place. This was much more comfortable. The clamping force was just right for me. After some time I did notice that my ears were a little warm. Not unbearably so, I have had much worse, but it's something to note. The 6xx's are far more comfortable. Isolation There is no ANC. These are audiophile headphones first and foremost, and ANC would take away from that. There are plenty of good ANC headphones, and I would say go that direction if you're traveling frequently. That being said, passive isolation on the Panda's was very good. As an example, I was sitting in a chair getting lost in music and browsing the Tidal catalog...when I looked up and noticed that someone was up speaking in a PA system. I did not hear them at all over the music! (volume level on the iPad was 1/2-2/3 of the way up, so not cranked)
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