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Dark Mode

Could you guys (Site devs) add an option for changing the site's background color into a dark one ?
it really sucks that the unchangable white background glows in my eyes while I'm looking for stuff in the site...
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That is so 2001 man, come on get with the times:
https://www.w3.org/Style/Examples/007/alternatives.en.html - (I use to do these for my pages back when browsers supported it)
Seriously, that would be nice to have an option to change things. I for one would vote for a layout allowing for full page content, I hate all these graphic designer friendly views which adhere to some arbitrary (max-width: 768px;) concept of how a web page should look.
Respectfully, many of you have missed the point, though it may not be the point that @BlastYourMind intended to raise.
Users such as myself who suffer from light sensitivity and contrast issues are quite aware of the workarounds that you all have thoughtfully recommended. For example, I have to use the Eco lighting mode on my monitor, employ multiple dark mode -like browser plugins, and regularly resize my browsers to minimize white space overflow. All of this shit has to be toggled on and off and balanced throughout the workday. People like me don't need tips on how to have a nice day in an ultra-bright world.
What we do need is web developers who are 1) aware of the usability issues that are inherent in their white-on-white designs, and 2) sympathetic to the needs of their users.
In the same way that we've seen web developers choose color palettes that make their site more accessible to users with colorblindness, I 'd love to see Massdrop join the ranks of modern websites that are offering a better experience to users like myself by including a dark mode.
Everyone's a graphic designer now too? Pretty sure you've be watching too many Zeos YouTube videos!
Use the dark reader Google Chrome extension and enter massdrop as the only site you want to apply the dark reader to
If you use Firefox Quantum, then there's a Stylus style for Massdrop : https://userstyles.org/styles/120035/massdrop-dark
That was really helpful - thanks dude !
no idea if we're talking about browsing by pc or smartphone ... . I use an addon Dark Background and Light Text for my browser and it works like a charme at my pc's and can easily tweaked to my liking.
But i agree webdesign without barriers for different needs is rare to find. Using different templates/stylesheets shouldn't be to hard to do, but nowadays it seems to be more important to have a new cookie or tracking script .... every other day.
Have a nice weekend
Thank you very much...I'll definitely try that out !