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GMK Red Samurai


Here's the link to the DROP page: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-redsuns-gmk-red-samurai-keycap-set

It’s finally here~!
In collaboration with Massdrop, I am proud to present the GMK Red Samurai Custom Keycap Set!
Here’s what will be offered in the limited-time drop:
Base Kit - The base kit provides proper coverage for a wide selection of form factors and layouts. This is the primary kit that will get you started.
Gaijin and/or Hiragana Add-ons - With your choice of Gaijin (Latin w/ Hiragana) or Hiragana monolegends, these elegant add-on kits will provide you with intense and minimalist options for your keyboard. Whether you love the Japanese culture, or just their food, these are for you!

Novelties - Travel back to the age of the samurai. The novelties kit feature alternative color arrow keys, VIM navigation highlights for programmers, and ninja/samurai-inspired novelties to unleash your inner warrior!
Norde Kit - This is a full Norde kit providing Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish characters for foreign layouts. An uncompromised kit for Nordic users of all skill levels.
DC Kit - The DC kit provides coverage for the Dvorak and Colemak layouts with homing barred and scooped H, U, N, T keys which are best combined with the Base kit. These particular layouts are said to help you type with less strain on your fingers and possibly even faster!
ErgoPlanck Kit - Meant to fit like a glove, the ErgoDox and Planck blanks kit contain the necessary modifiers keycaps for ErgoDox and Planck keyboards.
Spacebars - Alternative colored spacebars in a variety of sizes for different layouts, so you can switch colors whenever you’d like.
I would like to thank the entire Massdrop team, GMK, and the mech keys community for your support and making this drop possible.
The wait is finally over. It’s coming soon!!!



Please make sure to vote in the poll below for your favorite kits to be notified once the drop goes live!
AfroSolider, rumlyne, and 90 others

Please another run!
definitely needs another run.
Another run please!
please do another run is these amazing caps!!! <3
Second. Pls pls pls...
Any updates on this returning? Would love to add this to my keyboard.
Please make a rerun of this, recently joined the community and missed out on this =[
Sorry for stirring this thread up but is there any hope for a 2nd run?
i'm hoping for the same thing. sad i missed out on the first run
Next time this kit comes around could it be a complete Keyboard with options instead of just keycaps!?
what does the novelty kit look like?
I like this. Also like the full Nordic kit. But we're missing "ALT GR"??
I figured it wasn't needed since it's like the second most easiest key to find after the Spacebar. It still says "Alt" though.
Just not feeling the tan on burgundy .. well that and I can't abide cherry profile.
February 9th 6am PAST
Sooner than I expected but very much welcome! I'm hyped =D
A link to the drop page has been added. We'll be adding the novelties kit soon.
How to do you reckon these would look on a white plated kb.
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Kinda my impression aswell i just joined the durgod taurus drop in white. Trying to place this keycap set on that board in my mind is tricky since i dont physically have it yet haha
I remember looking at an older keyboard that was a somewhat darker than normal red with white/cream/beige keycaps on it. I forgot the name of it but someone mentioned it in the Geekhack thread for the CA66. The keeb looked really good and I think an inverted version of it would look very nice as well. The durgod taurus drop has one image where the the two keyboards aren't placed at an angle. You can save that image along with the images in the red samurai poll or the Geekhack thread and use an image editor to paste the keys onto the taurus.
What kits are people planning to get?
I'm thinking Base, Gaijin, Novelties, and Spacebars. Maybe ErgoPlanck but probably not.
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Yeah I would have the same problem. When I'm typing fast, I know where they are by muscle memory but if I have to look for a single one or for a captcha code I have to look for it.
I'm thinking of swapping only A-Z to hiragana, since I need the default number row for sure. 🤔 The gaijin seems less harmonious on this set. Gaijin works well on laser.
This looks really really good. Its a unique color way also that a bit more sophisticated and not so over the top. I think its the darker colors mixed with the gold accents. Are there any sample shots floating around? I really love to see if GMK was able to properly convoy the gold tones. Also a better idea of the reds. I know from what I seen renders are not always spot on when it comes to red key's. Though I am seriously thinking about buying in. I could think of a really nice setup I could do with this set.
Hoping to put this on a dark red CA66. I wish I had the skills to make a render but it looks super dope in my head.
Indeed, this set definitely needs samples, they got the red properly done for GMK Burgundy before so I'm not too wary of the one here but I'm also concerned as for how they're going to try and replicate the gold. If they can get it done right it'll be very impressive though, so definitely rooting for it despite the fact I won't be buying in.
Here, have my wallet.
Are these shine-through?
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No I really need to be able to see the legends through the LEDs! Is the led bleed really good enough to be able to see everything?
In my experience, yes. When I get home tonight, I'll try to remember to take a picture of my S65-X with Warm White LEDs on with SA Carbon Grab Bag caps. I can see everything with just the LED bleed. I don't know how well my phone camera will capture it though.
Just so I know, for comparision sake, will you be using this with a monitor or laptop and will the keyboard be near or far from light produced by the monitor?
How much will these cost? I don't need an exact price just a estimation?
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That's actually incredibly cheap. If this gets the same amount of hype as GMK Laser, it would mean that it would sell for under 100$. Which is incredible, given that most GMK sets sell for at least $150.
Under $100 is probably too hopeful considering it would have taken 3000 orders for Laser to be brought down to $100 and it only got around 2100.
I don't know how many keys will be in the base kit for Red Samurai vs Laser, which will be a deciding factor for base kit price, but realistically I don't see under $100 happening. I would be happy if it reached $120 but hoping for $110 again like Laser.
YES :D I hope it doesn't cost a fortune though.
Bout time we saw this colorway come to fruition! Can't wait!
Are these goingto be doubleshot or pad printed?
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I'm wet
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the layout of the post is confusing me, the base kit is the English and Japanese alphas? or is it just the English one? Also, i forget what the sizes are but does this have that short right shift you'll need for 96key layouts?
this post is just renders. Click the link at the end to see what is included in each kit
Kits in the IC are not updated. Updated kits will be seen in the drop page. Base kit is just in English. A 1.75u shift is included for 96-key layouts.
Damn, I've been waiting forever and now I can't afford it. At least I'll have laser to cry into :'(
How do I follow this shit so I can get these sexy keycaps when they drop?
Click the link at the bottom of the post and vote on some kits, then you should get an email once the drop goes live. At least that's how I understand it. :D
Sounds good. Thanks fam
Looks sick! Can't wait
*insert 'take all my money' meme here*
Laser? You can keep it, this is the drop I've been waiting for. Glad to see it will be releasing soon.
Super excited to see this finally happening, been keeping my eyes on the set for a while now and am thrilled to see that it's coming soon :D