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Anyone here from the Philippines?

I just want to know how the shipping fee works, because it is surprisingly low when I select Philippines in the Country. Can I actually use my specific address without any additional charges?
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It is shipped through PhilPost. You might have to claim it at your local PhilPost and pay P112. Be wary though, you might be charged at customs if it's over $200. It doesn't happen 100% of the time though. I've bought watches worth over $1000 and not get charged, but I've also bought $400 watches and got charged P5100, which I believe is the maximum amount customs can charge you, regardless of the value of your item. If you're buying an item over $200 and don't want the stress of being charged by customs, I suggest you use
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That's the highest customs can charge you, even if you buy over $2000
I see that's good to hear. But the 5k PHP for watch amounting to 25k PHP is ridiculous IMO. Should be around 3k only
Did you purchase from massdrop? How did it go?
you can put your actual address, but depending on the item you bought it may not ship. for example the hd 6xx wont ship to the Philippines that's why you need freight forwarding. check the drop discussions how much is the fee for international ~ hd 6xx shipping fee outside US is $15.00 .
I need an answer as well!