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Very poor longevity

At the price point these headphones are listed for, you are better off looking elsewhere. When I first got my hands on these headphones I was more than pleased with the dynamic range and overall sound quality. They don't have a great soundstage, but are otherwise good headphones. The real issue comes with the fact that they began finickily producing either static or no sound at all after a meager 4 months of semi-regular use. Even as I write this I am having to play around  with the cord and the angle of my head in order to maybe get a clear sound and decibel level out of both earcups simultaneously.  It is EXTREMELY frustrating to spend this much money on a pair of headphones just to have them fail after such a brief period. I cannot recommend these headphones to anyone who is looking for a quality product that will actually last for an appreciable amount of time.
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