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Wireless Headphones

I'm interested in buying a pair of relatively budget wireless headphones, over ear, for everyday wear. What would you recommend? and any tips on buying headphones? also, what do you guys wear?

Had a similar question: Looking at BlueTooth headphones/buds ideally completely wireless ala ZOLO Liberties and/or Koss BT540i or BT539i. Possible AKG N60NC or Y50BTs. Any thoughts on these. Please no Beats. Will be using them in office, and the trains/planes/automobiles, but not wanting to spend a mint for some quality sound. These were the ones I started to look at but was looking for opinions
A different solution. IF you already have any good headphones I would recommend Fiio BTR1 which is a very small bluetooth amplifier. It’s very small, shirt pocket clip type and has very good reviews on YouTube. You can get it for 50 bucks on Amazon.
I'll check it out, cheers for the recommendation! :)
I'll arbitrarily decide that by "relatively budget", you might be thinking $100 or so. It's been a while since i filled this niche in my collection, but if I was shopping today I'd be looking at the Sennheiser HD 4.40. I keep seeing them on sale for about $100, and I'd probably bite.
On-ears predominate in this price range, so it's a bit tough to find good over ears from a reputable maker. If your budget increases, your options get wider. Avoid the off-brand over-ears that you find everywhere. Rare gems, lots of junk.
A couple of flyers on discontinued items if you can find them - the Mee AirFi Matrix 2 with an HM5 pad mod was great for well under $100. The Parrot Zik 2.0 can also be found for less than $100. Nice sound, a design you'll either love or hate, but poor battery life (by no means pay more than $100). I still use the Mee regularly, and my wife loves her Zik 2.
Yeah, you kinda hit the nail on the head, about $100 or so. I'm thinking about some Sony WH-CH700N headphones. Seen them on amazon they're not too bad by the reviews I've read. I'll check out your suggestions now
You can buy BT module for m40x or m50x for pretty cheap and turn them into wireless.
Just had a quick look. I've actually already got a pair of m50x's for my office, does the BT mod add any weight to the headphones? Looks small enough not to be a massive problem
It sure does add some weight but I dont think too much. You can check its weight there.
I have the sony 950bt and a converted bose qc15. I do not recommend them AT ALL.
Why? What's the matter with them?
Sony 950bt is like having a bass drum next to your eardrums and bose qc15 has no mids, give this really weird and tiring pressurized sensation when noise cancelation is activated (and can only listen to music when the darn ac is on)
PXC550 was shortlisted before realizing that I don't need another anc headphone... and found out about the HD6XX!