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what dac/amp for multiple devices when computer is off?

I need for my new HD 58x jublilee headphone, due to arrive any day now, *maybe* an amp and or a dac too, if I really need one. But i have a buying problem! I have a nice computer with a creative soundblaster Audigy 5/rx card. the music plays well. I also have a sennheiser HD 280 pro. I also use the headphone for my ipad, television, a small form home theater system, [denon], a playstation 2, and even a boombox. *this* is my problem! I see that many besktop amps and dacs are not only powered by the electrical cord, they are also powered in some way by a usb to the computer! Or, is this "computer power" actually the sound input to the amp or dac?! my problem then, is that I do not have the computer on when i use the other devices! that is the crux of my problem! If i buy an amp, alone, or a dac combo, I would need to be able to use this device on all of my other devices that play music too. Even that HELM AUDIO DB12 AAAMP THX AMP has a usb plug to power it, and of course if my computer is off i cannot use it. maybe a battery operated amp or dac is what i need; I *could* recharge the battery whenever i use my computer. do I really NEED an amp or/and dac for my jubilee 58x. or even for my hd sennheiser hd pro 280? buying suggessions please. thank you, freestone
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You could just plug it into a powered USB hub.
Jun 11, 2020
ElectronicVicesthank you. I did not know that there was such a Thing! I knew there were expanders to create multiple usb plugins, but powered? no. I had no idea. then i can use the amp and/or dac for my other devices too. freestone
Jun 8, 2020
You really need an amp to bring out the best of that jubilee, some PCs run power to usb even when sleeping. Do you sleep your PC or shut it down? It won't kill it to run all the time unless you know of a problem or its too loud at night or lights too bright. You can find some really good battery amp/dac combos out there at some decent prices. I use the ifi nano iDSD Black Label and its sounds very nice. Here's a link if interested: Hope you get set up like you want ;-)
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