The wrong direction

I'll echo everyone else's sentiment that this is the wrong direction. The draw of Massdrop was the unique collab or the awesome deal. Having to pay retail prices adds no benefit to the Drop brand. People are much better off supporting their local retailers if that's the case. Extra points to be spent later is not even a little bit of a draw. Doesn't interest me in the least. I spend money here in the first because it is a deal, A DEAL. My money goes farther here and that's why I spend it. And then getting something a little unique that isn't available mass market is icing on the cake. I've spent over a grand here in my short time and I've gotten about $20 in rewards. I couldn't even care about the $20 because I've already saved hundreds over paying full retail. I can appreciate trying out different things, but this isn't it. Definitely focus on unique collabs and amazing deals.


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