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  1. Ok so im new to amps and there are a lot out there that are all diferent and I was wondering if anyone knows what a good amp is. (I have senhiser hd 700 btw)
calvinmd and Cam.exe

The Gustard H10 that is currently on drop is a really versatile solid state option. I have a myriad of different headphones in my collection from 12ohm super efficient iems to 600ohm T1 and various planars. The H10 sounds good with all of them and doesn't break the bank. It doesn't accentuate the "Beyer Spike" in the 9-10khz of the T1 like some other solid state amps seem to do. The adjustable gain dip switches allow a pretty decent range of adjustment. The Vali 2 from Schiit would be a more budget oriented recommend as you can swap out the tube to tweak the sound signature a bit. I also love what tubes do with soundstage and imaging.
When I owned them I preferred to run them through a tube amp (I used a bottlehead crack+speedball). I felt that through solid state they were a bit too piercing because of the 6(?) khz spike they have. If the treble doesn't both you though you could drive them fine out of a 100 dollar solid state amp.
You're not going to get much out of a description like that. Budget, solely headphone or will you be driving speakers too, integrated DAC required (which opens a whole different can of worms), etc.
Basically the more detail you give the better an answer you'll get.
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I would hope you would be using headphones with your headphone amp.
He's saying that he's not going to be using it with know...the "replying to heefty" near his name.